Introduction: DIY Baby Custome Ideas

Baby Custome Ideas

1. Little Lambs

Your little one will be the star of the season dressed in one of these memorable Halloween costumes.

These three little sheep can't wait to graze on candy.

2. Masked Owl

Our fledgling aviator gets his wings in the form of a felt owl costume. Contoured brown and white feathers, made by cutting and creasing the fabric, adorn his wings and belly; perked-up ears are attached to a jaunty pilot's cap. Goggled peepers enhance his keen eyesight.

3. Goldfish

This quilted costume is perfect for tots who are mesmerized by ponds and fish tanks.

4. Pie Costume

Use felt and muslin to transform your little one into a cutie pie for Halloween.

5. Roast Turkey Costume

Complete with drumstick legs and faux vegetables, little ones will look adorable dressed as a baby turkey.

6. Bluebird

This fine feathered baby stretches his wings as a cheerful bluebird.

7. Snappy Lobster

With pingpong-ball eyes and oversized claws, this baby is the cutest sea creature

8. Sock Spider Baby

This spider baby is safely shrouded in Mom's web.

9. Baby Lobster

Peeking out of his shell, this lobster baby is ready for his Halloween debut.

10. Spring Chicken

Toddlers will be delighted to cluck the night away dressed as a spring chicken

11. Tiger Lily

This adorable -- and comfortable -- lily costume for babies is perfect for families on the go this Halloween.

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12. Toad-ally Adorable

Check out this clever toadstool mushroom DIY costume featured on the Wispy House blog. Mom Jessica shows us her step-by-step process for making the dotted hat, “grassy” sweatpants, and the teensy caterpillar climbing up the onesie. What a great Halloween costume for baby — just don’t venture too far into the forest, because your little nugget will blend right in!

13. 5, 6, 7, 8!

This kicky little number featured over at Homemade by Jillgets us singing and flash-dancing up a storm. Baby aerobics instructor? Major awwww points. And that handmade felt boombox? So rockin’! Head over to the full post to see how tiny leg warmers make an instant costume for baby’s first Halloween.

14. My, what a cute costume you have!

For the crafty mom looking to show off her stuff for babe’s first Halloween, this little Red Rding Hood costume featured on Utah County Mom is just the ticket. With some intermediate sewing skills, red fabric and tulle, you can whip up a better-than-store-bought classic. Get this — Mama Jessica repurposed pieces of old clothing for this costume, and the whole ensemble cost less than 15 bucks to whip up. Head over to the full blog for more inspiration. We think this idea could be great for girls of any age!