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Introduction: DIY Bat Bowtie

As mentioned in my other bow tie Instructable, my cat Stormy looks amazing in them. Stormy looks so amazing that he needs tons of them. The inspiration for this design came from a Pin for a human costume that included a bat wing style bow tie. I decided to scale it down and make it in leather to go with Stormy's Halloween costume.

Step 1: Materials


-Thread & needle


-Rotary cutter


-Binder clips

Step 2: Design

Cut out a triangular piece of leather and on the back side, draw a line down the center and then several 1/8-1/4" lines horizontally. Leave the bottom 1/2" of the triangle blank.

In between the top rows, draw semi-circles. These semi-circles will be cut out and will make the edges of your bat wings.

Also, cut out a small rectangular strip for your center strap.

Step 3: Sew

Thread your needle and starting at the top, sew into the leather down the center line in about 1/4" intervals. Pull gently on the thread as you work. When you've got the thread down the entire triangle, pull the top and bottom of the triangle together and tie off.

Step 4: Glue

Slip your elastic beneath your knot and add epoxy. Let dry a few minutes and then wrap the thin strip of leather, add epoxy and secure with a binder clip. You want to pull the strap tight around the center of the bow so the wings will be more prominent.

Step 5: Ta Da!

Elastics make it easy to slip the bowtie onto your pets' collar.

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    I wish I could get my cat to wear something like this.


    Reply 7 years ago

    I tried to get our other cat to wear it, no go lol