Introduction: DIY Battery Arduino and Raspberry Pi 3

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So in this instructable I will show you how I make my battery for my robot. I need power for my arduino board(me auriga makeblock board based on ATmega2560) , and my raspberry pi ( with ps eye; hard drive 2g ...)

So I need:

_output 7.4v for the arduino board; 5v3A for the raspberry pi

_input 5v for charging the battery

_ switch and led for the 2 board


recharge the battery with a Qi charger

add a hub usb

I try to make it a max with what I have

Step 1: Part List

At the beginning I had

battery 6600mah 7.4v li ion for the arduino board

battery charger

battery holder

2x micro usb cable

I baught

module step down lm2596 DC DC (If you have a raspberry pi or pi 2 you can use car usb charger 2A)

2x switch button

2x led and 2x resistance for the led

empty box

Hub usb

7805UC dc step down to 5v

dc plug3.5x1.30x9.5


soldering iron

soldering wire




Step 2: Building

I think the draw explain better than me

my battery is compose of 2S3C it already has a protection board so we need few soldering

battery + ----------switch1&led3--- dc barrel 2.1 -- arduino board

+ -----------switch2&led4-----lm2596---micro usb cable1------------raspberry pi

+ ----------battery charger

- ------------led3--dc barrel 2.1 arduino board

- ------------led4--- lm2596-----------micro usb cable1----raspberry pi

- ------------battery charger------micro usb cable2

take the empty box make the hole for the lcd module, the 3 different cable, 2 led ,2 switch

*To add a hub usb

this tuto help me a lot

I baught a dc step down 7805UC and I solder 1 cable just after the switch2 (for the raspberry) to the 7805UC and from him to the dc plug

+ ------------------ switch2&led4---------7805UC-----------dc plug------hub usb

- -----------------------------------------------7805UC----------dc plug

of course you will need a new hole for the cable

Step 3: Improvation

I want a bigger capacity maybe 10 000 mah ( I have to see that with the free space on my robot.)

and I want order a QI recepteur to charge my battery with a QI charger ( It s for my robot).here(sorry it s in french)

and I need to improve the design because sctoch it s ugly maybe I will try to make one with my 3d printer.

thanks to pihomeserver for the idea.
I hope that will help you in your project

* adding my broken beats on it ( the battery is totaly dead)

Step 4: Additionnal

So for the hub usb

this tuto help me a lot

I use a lm2596 down to 5v I solder it on the same switch as the raspberry to power it in same time

for beats speaker :

I remove the battery and I solder an other lm2596 down to 4v they are very easy to use like all the other with a switch

for the box

I print a 3d case you can download the doc boite haut.stl and boite bas.stl

I make 1 big hole for the cable it more clean

to resume

we have 5 cable 1 for the raspberry pi 3

the arduino board

the hub usb

the beats speaker

and the last one to recharge the battery