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hi everyone
Today I start my new project: A Dry Sausage DIY. To make perfect dry sausages, you have to dry them at a temperature between 11 and 15 degrees celsuis with a humidity between 75% and 80% during 4 weeks . So I decided to make my own autonom sausage-dryer with what I have on hand

To help me I used this following tutorial:


Step 1: Building


first thing I made is solder a new 5v pin on the pi-oled because it will take all of them when you will plug it(see on the picture)

dht 22

  1. Place a 10k resistor between Pin 1 and Pin 2 of the DHT22
  2. Pin 1 of the DHT22 to 3v3 on the Pi
  3. Pin 2 of the DHT22 to GPIO24 on the Pi
  4. Pin 4 of the DHT22 to GND on the Pi

relay module

  1. dc+ to 5v on the pi-oled
  2. dc- to ground on the Pi
  3. in 1 to 20 on the Pi (humidifer)


  1. no 1 to dc + plug side
  2. com 1 dc+ humidifer side

the final building part (the picture may help you more than the following text)

  • put the humidifer and the fan in the fridge
  • pass all the cable between the frigde door and the fridge (plug and dht22) I have to improve that but I don t know how yet
  • turn on the fan all the time, lower speed if you can choose
  • use the dht22 to adjust the temperature of your frigde between 10 and 15 degrees celcius

and it s done!!

Step 2: Programmation


I use Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) with desktop enable i2c for the screen

you have to install screen and dht22 library:

  1. sudo apt-get install python3-pil python3-dev
  2. sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel
  3. sudo pip3 install adafruit-circuitpython-ssd1306 Adafruit_DHT

Python script (drying in french):

  • the goal is almost dht 22 give the temp and the humidity and put them on the screen
  • if the humidity go down to 70% the relay turn on the humidifer
  • if the humidity go up to 85% the relay turn off the humidifer

I use crontab to start my script on boot:

  • in the terminal " crontab -e"
  • at the end write :

@reboot python3 script/directory &

the fan stay on all the time at the lower speed

Step 3: Amelioration

my next step making a cooking mode for the dry sausage

and stop open the fridge every 5 minute to see if it s dry enough.

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