Introduction: DIY Bean Bags

Where I'm from summer backyard games often involve throwing bean bags across the lawn. I was recently at a friend's house where they were playing one of those said games and the bean bags were really falling apart. This gave me a great idea to make some new bean bags that would last my friend a little longer than the last ones.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are supplies I used to create my bean bags

Fabric - I used trigger fabric which is a woven blend so it would be a little more durable

Rice - Yes I know they are called bean bags, but rice works so much better as a filler because it is softer and makes the bean bag softer and have a better consistency.


Sewing machine

Step 2: Cut Fabric

I started by cutting the pieces needed for the bean bags.

Cut a 5" by 5" square of fabric - 2 pieces are needed for 1 bean bag

Step 3: Sew Fabric Squares

Once the squares are cut its time to sew them together.

I started by laying out the fabric with the wrong side out.

Then sew 3 of the four sides together

Flip the squares right side out.

Step 4: Fill

Now it was time to fill the square to make the bean bag.

Fill the bean bag up to the desired amount. I gave myself enough space to give the bean bag a little flexibility and room for me to sew everything shut.

Step 5: Sew Shut

While some people could hand stitch the bag closed I decided to fold the raw edges into the bean bag and top stitch everything closed as well as give another seam on the other sides to double secure the rice inside.

Step 6: Finished

And with that I was done. These bean bags work great for outdoor parties and in the winter you could use them as hand warmers if you would like.