Introduction: DIY Bluetooth Speaker (how-to)

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There are many ways to make Bluetooth Speaker, and customize it like what you want.

I made a Bluetooth speaker using my old and broken Bluetooth headset, and connecting it by the amplifier.

So you can modify and upgrade your headset, no need to throw it out.

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It is a simple project, you can make it at home, you need:

  • For cutting wood (Router CNC, Laser CNC, or print the file on paper and cut it using hand saw)
  • Soldering iron
  • Wood glue
  • Superglue
  • hot glue
  • B7000 glue
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill

Step 1: Materials

For this project, I used very cheaply and quality materials you can get them easily

  • For Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth Headset circuit)
  • PAM8403 amplifier board
  • 1A micro charging board
  • Speaker 4 Ohm 3W (2.5 inches)
  • 2x 1K Ohm resistor
  • 18650 Battery

I tried to use one battery to power the circuits, but I face some noise and high temperature from the Bluetooth headset circuit because of the ground loop from two different circuits.

So there are two ways to solve this problem, you should use two different batteries to power two different circuits, or using DC/DC Converters 5V to 5V that give you isolated 5V.

I solved it using the first option and used the battery of the headset to power it, and the 18650 battery to power the amplifier.

Step 2: Speaker Box

I used MDF wood 2.5mm thickness to make the speaker box and cut using my router CNC, but you can cut it using laser CNC or by printing cutting file on paper and cut it by hand saw.

I sanded the edges and make them rounded, and I used wood glue to apply prime paint and also keep the color of the wood.

I decided to make a sealed box than the ported box because I feel it will be more accurate and suitable for me.

And I am surprised what this box made for the sound, that comes from all sides of the box and makes it louder and pure voice, I felt the sound come from a big speaker.

Step 3: Connect All Parts

Here we are getting to finish this amazing project.

I fixed the speaker using B7000 glue, and the Bluetooth circuit and charging board in the back cover using superglue and hot glue to make sure to seal the box.

I connected the circuits like the schematic in the step1, and make sure to fix them perfectly to prevent any vibration that makes some issues in the sound quality.

I used screws to close the back cover, so I can reopen it when needed.

And left the box using some rubber, so the air will get into the bottom of the box and give you more quality sound and prevent vibration.

Step 4: Sound Test

Finally, I am so surprised by this mini Bluetooth speaker, that gives you super quality and loud sound, let you feel that comes from a big box speaker.

I connected my phone to this speaker smoothly with Bluetooth and started the party.

You can see the sound test (unedited sound) in the YouTube video on my channel.

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Thanks for reading and watching.

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