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I can't stand poorly made products. My Bona floor mop has been held together with tape, screws and hope for a few months now and is finally what I call BPR (beyond the point of repair). 

When I went to a home improvement store to buy a new mop I found that I could only purchase the mop in a kit with a bunch of other stuff I didn't need to the tune of 25 bucks.

Well I don't need a kit and I'm not looking to drop 25 bucks on something that may only last another year. So I started to hunt around the store for things to make my own mop.

Step 1: Things I Needed

Things From the Store:

5' of 3/4" PVC pipe ~ $2.00

5' long, 3/4" thick paint pole ~ 9.00 

Things I Had at Home:

Drill with 3/16 drill bit

Dremel with grinding wheel attachment (or a hacksaw)


Wood chisel (or a knife)

Philips screwdriver


3 - 2" bolts with nuts

Bottom portion of the Bona mop where the cleaning pad attaches to.

I played around with a few different ideas while at the store. A copper pole was nice but too expensive; a galvanized pole was too heavy and a PVC pole would have been too flexible.

I was going to buy a broom with a 1 1/2 inch thick wooden handle but as I was walking to the check out I saw the paint pole which wouldn't need as much trimming and it was a few bucks cheaper.

Besides why destroy a nice broom?

Step 2: Get to Work

The first thing I needed to do was cut off the threaded end of the paint pole.

Then I cut a 7" piece of PVC pipe.

The pole was a little too wide to fit into the PVC so I used a wood chisel to shave off just enough that the pole would slide inside the pipe about 4"

Once the pole was snuggly in place I inserted the Bona portion into the other end of the pipe.

Step 3: Drill & Grind

I drilled 3 holes. One through the PVC where the Bona part was inserted and two through the PVC where the wooden pole was inserted. 

I then pushed the bolts through and tightened them.

Next I used the Dremel to cut and grind down the excess bolt.

Now I have a great mop that I am sure will last for years to come.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve my design or leave a comment on how you would have done it.

Thanks & Enjoy

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