Introduction: DIY Bookshelf Speakers! <3

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Hey Everyone, back again with another instructable! :) I've had these old speakers laying around for years and I always wanted to find a use for them, So today I thought I would take them all apart and replace the speakers add and car head unit for a convenient media player.

Step 1: Taking Apart My Old Speakers

Ive never opened the inside of these speaker boxes before so I had no idea what I was in for.

Step 2: Pulling Off the Back

The simply had 10 philips screws in it, so it was simple enough to open. These speakers are really old! Still sounded great just didn't have that punch I wanted. I then took off the brackets to the front of the speakers as well as took the nuts off the speakers and removed them.

Step 3: There You Have It!

Totally taken apart. I also unstapled out the black screen in the front.

Step 4: Amazon Orders :)

I went onto and ordered me up some cheap speakers that would pack a punch.

I Ordered x2 800watt 8 inch Subs and x2 3.5inch speakers with tweeters as well as x4 Channel 60 Watt Headunit

Heres the links:

Step 5: Power Supply for the Headunit

Firstly I needed a computer power supply to run the Headunit. I need the power supply to turn on without a computer obviously and i'm sure there's an instructable out there with more details on how to do it but all you need to do and take the ONLY green wire on the mainboard cable and twist it together with ANY black wire. I made sure the power got cleaned out and was running properly. The only thing I need from the power supply is the 12v (yellow wire) ground (black wire), and wire tied the rest of the cables to the power supply. And it good to go! :)

Step 6: Cutting Out Hole for Headunit

I used my Rotary tool to cut the hole out for my headunit. I didn't like the piece on wood coming down the middle on the sub so I as well cut that off

Step 7: Drilled a Hole Out for the Power Supply Power Connector.

I used my drill to cut out a hole for the power supply cable, stripped the cables and soldered the wires together and electrical taped them and wrapped it up in duct tape for a nice strong hold.

Step 8: Test Fitting the New Speakers

The speakers came in a few days and I fit them in the boxes the original screws made it the speakers a little crooked so I had to drill a ton of new hole for the speakers

Step 9: Painting the Boxes

Finally to the painting! Sides are white and the front and back are black. It took a couple layers to finish it but it looks great!

Step 10: Putting It All Together

Putting it together now was rather simple now that all the holes a pre drilled and test fitted. I wired the "Front" left and right speakers to the 3.5 inch speakers and the "Rear" left and rights to the 8 inch subs. I used Epoxy to hold the speaker and headunit and power supply in place. Since I could wire the speakers with the headunit inside I could wire it directly to the unit, I decided to wire the the "Left Rear" channel to the original speaker connector on the back on the speaker box to connect to the other speaker box . I drilled a small hole in the back of the box for the "Left Front" channel to connect to the other box. I Also took a thick gauge wire and stuck it into the antenna port of the headunit and hot glued to hold it down and glued the wire to the top of the speaker box.thick

Step 11: All Done! :)

Bam! They look completely different and really stand out. I'm really happy with how they turned out and how well they work. If you have any questions to anything feel free to ask! and I hope you enjoyed my instructable! :)

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