Introduction: DIY Bottle Cap Flashlight

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Yes this is a flashlight built in a bottle cap :)

I thought that would be funny to turn a regular cap into a flashlight nothing more only that can I do it?

And yes I made it that was a long journey with a lot of attempts!

But If you stay with me you can make your own ;)

So let's start...

Step 1: Watch the Video First

If the embed link not works just click HERE

Step 2: #1

I don't want to mystify this step just cut off a cap from a bottle with anything you are familier with. (knife, saw, scissors, etc.)

After you cut off the cap sand it flat with sandpaper or a file.

Step 3: #2

Let's working on the top.

Take a small screwdriver, clip or anything and make two tiny holes next to each other in the middle of the cap.

Step 4: #3

Mark each part of the cap at the same spot with a sharpie. That would be a important in the upcoming steps.

Step 5: #4

Take a plastic card and draw around the cap on it.

Take a scissors and cut it out.

It's not necessary to be accurate it's better to make it a little bit bigger than the bottom of the cap ;)

Step 6: #5

Take apart the cap and put away the top. You need just the bottom for this step.

Get a hot glue gun and put a some glue to the bottom of the cap.

Whet it's done put on the plastic disk and push them together so strongly.

Put it down and wait until it completely cooled.

Step 7: #6

While the bottom cools let's working on the top part.

I bought a pack of white LED diodes on ebay. (ebay link)

Insert it into the two small holes on top but leave some space between the cap and diode.

Take your glue gun and put some glue under the LED and push it down to the cap.

Wait until it completely cools down.

Step 8: #7

I needed something which connects the battery with the diode.

This soft copper worked me the best and it came from a picture hanger.

I cut a thin piece of it and bent it to a shape what fit in the cap. See the shape on the pictures.

Step 9: #8

Hot glue gun again!

Put some glue to the inside of the cap pointed from the center to the sharpie sign.

Push the copper into the glue. When it cools down glue the other side of the copper to the side of the cap and push it with a small screwdriver.

Step 10: #9

I used a 3V button cell for energy source. Any 3V battery can be good for this because the this kind of LED's input voltage is nearly 3V. I chose this because this cell's diameter fits well in a cap!

Step 11: #10

Continue with the top.

Use a utility knife and cut off a little piece from the plastic at the sharpie mark. (or nearly at the mark :))

Step 12: #11

Bend the longer leg of the diode into the cutted channel on the plastic cap. Use something hard and thin it's make this step mush more easier. Fix it with some glue.

Step 13: #12

Final step!

Take a plier and roll the other leg of the diode as you can see on the picture.

That will be the other connection to the top of the battery cell.

Step 14: The End

Put together the two parts and close it like you close your soda ;)

So that's simple is this :)

Okay okay it does not sound easy but after some practise it will be a really quick diy project.

You can change the button cell easily as well.

I'm not a professional that was the first time ever I touch LED diodes so If I could make this you can make this as well.

If you have any suggestion to make this easier please let me know in the comment section. I want to continue working with LEDs so every tip can help me be better and better!

I hope you liked this project and if you make one of these please send me a picture I would be very happy for that!

Thanks and see you in an upcomig project.


Step 15: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video Please

As always thanks for your support!

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