Introduction: DIY Glowing Christmas Gift Box

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I always love to give handmade gifts for christmas. You can put what you want into this box but It can be a gift itself.

This is a so quick and easy DIY project for low budget!

Let's start

Step 1: Watch the Video First

I hope you enjoy the video and get some deeper details from it!

Step 2: #1

I used a scroll saw but I tried it with a fret saw and it worked well so you can make the hole project without power tools. A jig saw is good ;) or table saw or utility knife and a lot sanding.

There is no measurement in this instructable because this is a custom box and I just want to give an inspiration or a basic conception how to make it.

So I cut off everything from a thin pine plywood. You can use plywood, solid wood, mdf or some exotic lumber. It can be thicker or thinner just what next to your hand.

Step 3: #2

I printed out a christmas tree shape and glued it to the plywood with some school glue. The shape what you use is totally depends on you!

I drilled a big hole in the middle for scroll saw.

Then I cut the shape off try to be as accurate as you can to avoid a lot of sanding.

Step 4: #3

Here comes the most hated part for me filing and sanding...

After that remove all of the paper. I used a thin utility knife and some sandpaper.

Step 5: #4

I attached the box with wood glue and clamping pressure.

For the top part I added some plywood strips to make a smaller box under the top layer.

Step 6: #5

I bought a cheap led key ring and I took out the inner part.

That was a white diode but I wanted to use red glow so I "painted" it with a red marker and now it's a red led :)

Step 7: #6

I put some hot glue in one of a corner on the bottom of the lid.

Then I glued another plywood the the bottom of the top part to make it closed.

Step 8: #7 - the Gift

As I mentiond this a custom box made for this 1byone Wireless In-Ear Headphones - 4.1 Bluetooth Sports Earphones If you interested in this stuff click here!

I use this all the time and I love it!

Step 9: The End

And this is the end. You can easily switch the led on or off with your finger.

I made a bigger one with green leds and much more shapes.

Almost everthing depends on your choice in this porject the box size, the materials, the leds, the shapes, paint it or not so a lot of opportunities.

I hope you like this christmas themed project and see you next time!

Thanks Daniel

Step 10: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video Please

As always thanks for your support

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