Introduction: DIY Boxing Gloves

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Lack of resources should never be a reason for one not engaging in the activities they love. There is always a way out. In this instructable, I am going to show you how to make your own pair of low cost boxing gloves.

Step 1: Collect the Required Materials and Tools

The required materials and tools are as follows;

  • Pieces of foam( I cut mine from an old cushion that had been lying around the house for a long time)
  • Mittens( Got them from a local store at less than a dollar)
  • Duct tape(I used two colours, the main colour being red and black to spice things up a little)
  • A piece of hard paper
  • A cutting edge( Swiss knife in my case)

Step 2: Preparation of Materials

Mark the outline of each of your hands over the hard paper and cut out these outlines.Do the same on the pieces of foam.

On the pieces of foam, the material around the knuckle area should be made thicker than the other areas. This is because this part requires the most protection during boxing.

Step 3: Mold Out the Required Shape for the Gloves

Start with one hand, wear the mitten over the hand. Place the hand over the foam that has been placed appropriately over the hard paper. While the foam provides protection to the knuckles during boxing, the hard paper gives shape to the gloves. That is why the materials are arranged in such a way that the form is in direct contact with the hand while the hard paper is on the outside.

Start to wrap the red duct tape over the hand arrangement loosely.( You do not want it to be so tight that the hand can not the moved out of the glove).

Continue wrapping more tape onto the hand until an outlined shape of a glove has been achieved.

Remove the hand from the glove and apply more tape to give it a good finish.

Repeat this step for the other hand too.

Apply a some little black duct tape to the end of both gloves to achieve a finer look.

Ensure that the mouth of the mittens is left accessible for wearing the gloves.

Step 4: Showing Off Our Gloves

At this stage, our gloves are ready and we can start showing the off.

I hope you really enjoy this instructable.


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