Introduction: DIY Bride Guide: Easy Gifts for Participants

Hi! I'm Maverick12 and I'm a DIY Bride. I've got a lot of people involved in my wedding. I wanted to recognize their efforts but didn't have a whole lot of money for each one. So - I decided to use some jams that my fiance and I had made earlier this year from the garden. But of course I couldn't just give them the plain old jars, I had to dress them up a bit.


Jars of jam. I have two jars of cherry and one jar of black raspberry in each one.

Fabric. I found this fabric on the clearance rack.

Ribbon. This was some ribbon I'm using elsewhere in my wedding, so this was extra.

Step 1: Add Fabric to the Jar

First, cut a small square of fabric slightly larger than the jar. Place this between the sealed lid and the screw cap. Tighten the screw cap. Next, trim the edges. I found it nice to leave a small frill around the edge. It looked pretty. But be forewarned, use sharp scissors. The fabric may fray otherwise. If you do wind up with fraying fabric, don't panic. Use some basic glue on the edge to prevent it from fraying further.

Step 2: Make It Pretty

For this step, pick a pretty ribbon to tie around. I found it easier to use a ribbon about the same thickness (or depth) of the screw lid. Too big and the ribbon will easily slip off. I used a simple bow, nothing fancy and it turned out great.

Step 3: Presents

I packaged mine a simple brown bag with handles from a craft store. Then I added some paper to the top. These were a big hit with our participants. We had rave reviews for days from the jams too! I think I'll also be using these around Christmas time, provided we have some left!