Introduction: DIY CANDY JAR

For this instructable, I made a candy jar out of an old mason jar


Materials -

Old mason jar

A bottle cap

Pretty paper

A hot glue gun (and glue sticks)

A small cup or candle holder



Step 1: Step One

Gather all your materials and set up a workplace

Step 2: Step Two

Place the mason jar cover on the pretty paper and trace it

Step 3: Step Three

Glue the paper to the mason jar cover and trim it. Let dry

Step 4: Step Four

Paint the metal cover ring. let dry

Step 5: Step 5

Glue the bottoms of the mason jar and the cup/candleholder together and let dry

Step 6: Step Six

Paint the bottlecap and let dry

Step 7: Step 7

Glue the top to the ring. Let dry

Step 8: Step Eight

Glue the bottle cap to the center of the lid. Let dry

Step 9: Step Nine

Paint the cup/candle holder. Let dry

Step 10: Step Ten

Put candy in it and there you go!

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