Introduction: DIY Car Mirror Pendant

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Do you know car owners, who are crazy about their autos and wish to give them excellent look and stunning functionality? If you do, then there is a perfect gift you can present them with. Personally, I know such a person - this my brother Michael. He bought a car three years ago and he cares about it a lot. He spends days and nights looking for unique extraordinary accessories to decorate his vehicle. Being aware of his passion, I always try to give him an idea on making his car more appealing. Now, as his birthday is approaching, I decided to make a DIY gift he will be satisfied with. This is a car mirror pendant, which looks stunning, modern and stylish. Do you wish to make the one of your own? If you do, then have a look at this Instructable.

Step 1: Supplies


  • Wooden Plate
  • Amber Beads
  • Red String
  • Pencil
  • Glass Paper
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Round Header
  • Pyrographer

Step 2: Prepare a Wooden Plate

The first thing you should do is to prepare a wooden plate. To do this, sand the plate and mark the future pendant elements on it, using a pencil.

Step 3: Cut the Parts of a Plate

Take a jigsaw and cut the parts of your future pendant. Prepare as many parts as you need of the required sizes and shapes. I’ve got three square cut bars and one triangle.

Step 4: Make Small Holes on Both Sides of Each Element

Take a drill and make small symmetric holes on both sides of each pendant element. These holes are needed to insert a string through them to connect all the parts of a pendant together.

Step 5: Make a Half Circle for a Bead

Take a round header covered with glass paper and make a half circle for a bead. This should be preferably done underneath the triangle as shown on the photo.

Step 6: Sand All the Elements

The next step of my work was sanding all the elements with fine glass paper. Right after that, take a pyrographer and poker the runes or any other signs you wish. This should be done on both sides of each element.

Step 7: Insert a Red String

Take a red string and insert it into the holes, having initially made a tassel on its end. Attach a golden fixing element to secure the tassel and prevent it from falling apart. Insert the string into the beads on both sides and then into the plate holes to properly fix them.

Step 8: Fix the String in the Holes

To prevent the pendant from slipping, it makes sense to fix the string in the holes with matches, inserting and cutting them a bit. The matches should not be visible in the holes. That’s it! Your DIY car mirror pendant is now ready. This is a perfect gift for each auto fan as well as a nice decor element for your automobile. Enjoy!