Introduction: Scrapbook Greeting Card

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Hi, guys! I was going to publish my Instructables here for a long time. However, it’s summer now and I’ve decided to travel a bit. So, I just didn’t have time to write and publish posts, but I’m back now and I’m eager to offer you my DIY items. This time, I’m going to share the Instructable on creating a scrapbook greeting card. It is not a secret that scrapbooking has already become one of the most popular hobbies these days - the one that makes it possible to create unique gifts and decor elements. Well, you can create digital slideshows or just store your photos on a computer, but DIY scrapbooks and greeting cards always look better and more original. They cannot even be compared to all those greeting cards available on sale nowadays.

Step 1: Supplies

  • One sheet of white paper
  • Needle with thread
  • 4 sheets of sketching paper
  • Scissors
  • Lace
  • Colourful printer
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • A piece of
  • One large bead

Step 2: Prepare Music Sheets and Stickers for Scrapbooking

Find a quality photo or picture of music sheets and print them out. If you are skilled in drawing and have enough time, you can draw the one yourself. Now, you should prepare special stickers for scrapbooking. There are many of them available nowadays and you can choose those that appeal to you most of all and meet your needs. Scrapbook stickers may be bought or printed out. Have a look at some of them below. I’ve selected a teapot badge and a blue ticket for my greeting card.

Step 3: Create a Background

Now, we need a background for the greeting card. Find a picture you consider the most appropriate and print it out on a large piece of paper in 2 samples. This is very important. Here are some interesting variants you might like.

Step 4: Prepare the Basis for Your Greeting Card

Take white sheet of paper and cut out a rectangle out of it. This will be the basis for your greeting card. Take a ruler and a pencil to mark the middle of the paper and mark the invisible line with a wooden stick or any other sharp tool. Fold the basis into two parts. Then take pieces of sketching paper with the background and cut out 4 squares of the same size.

Step 5: Tack the Veiling

To make a flower, take a piece of veiling, fold it twice along one side and tack it, using a needle with thread.

Step 6: Make a Flower

Then take in the veiling a little, dragging the thread from both sides and fix the flower with a thread. Glue a bead in the middle of the flower.

Step 7: Choose and Glue the Decor Elements

Take a square element, choose the decor elements (stickers, flower, lace, music paper sheet etc.), cut out those of the required size and arrange them on the paper. This is the most difficult, responsible, but also the most exciting step of the entire process. You are free to express your creativity here. Now, glue the elements of the composition to the greeting paper. Wait until the glue drie out and enjoy your masterpiece!