DIY Card Box!

Introduction: DIY Card Box!

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Ever been in rush, but needed a card?!?! Ever realized it's him/her birthday?!?! We'll whenever you suddenly need a card, you can come do this box! Any occasion, all the time, this box will be right by your side!

Some Dividers (You'll see in the picture!)

Materials to make this craft:
•A Box (it can be a brand new store bought one or one you just found lying around your house! Also make sure it fits cards!)
•Cards (On your next shopping trip you can pick up some for a lot of different occasions or just make them all handmade!)
•Plastic Covering {OPTIONAL}

That's all! Not a lot of stuff, right?!?! Let's get started!

Step 1: The Box

The box you found lying in your garage or the one you thought looked nice at the store! Any box will do, any one that just suits you! TIP: Make sure it fits cards;)

Step 2: The Dividers

For the dividers there's a few things you can do so hers a list!

• Make them homemade! Just find some construction paper and them to the shape of tabs and right the types of cards at the top!

•Store Bought, you can buy tabs at a lot of different stores and then just write at the type the names of cards or find some lettered stickers and use those instead of writing!

Thinking of You
Get Better

Step 3: The Cards!

Next you'll obviously need some cards! You can get them from your local store or make them yourself! Whatever you chose it will look great! {TIP} Try and get a lot of different types and occasions so you'll always be ready!

Step 4: {OPTIONAL} Plastic Covering

If you don't want your cards to get ripped or dirty, (they won't in the box but if you want to be really safe) you can just wrap the card and envelope in plastic covering!

Step 5: Matching Tabs and Cards

Now it's time to sort your cards! Lay all your tabs out and go through your cards and put them in the tab you think they should go in! We do this so when you go to find a card, you just go to the occasion you need and pick!

Step 6: Adding the Tabs

Now it's time to add the tabs to box! Keeping the cards in the piles your just going to take the tabs and put them in the box any way you would like!

Step 7: All Your Tabs Are In

Make sure you get all your tabs in! You may have 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc., tabs it doesn't matter how many, as long as you've gotten them all in!

Step 8: Adding the Cards

Now it's time to add the cards to your box! The now just put the pile of card in the right tab, we organized the cards earlier so this step will be easier!

Step 9: Your Done!!!

Now you have your awesome card box! Whenever you need a card, it'll be right there! There's so many things I love about this DIY. ! I really like it and I hope you do too!

Thanks for reading this instructable!

All ideas come from me, not inspired by anybody, if you make an instructable on this please give credit and if not I may have to report you, for this took work, thanks!

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