Introduction: DIY Cardboard Drawers

A handy set of drawers that I made for my cube storage shelf unit. But you could make them for just about any size space!

Step 1: Measure Up the Space

First measure the space you intend to put the drawers.
Now there are two ways you can attempt this and I've tried both. The second is significantly easier!

The first option is to fit a box with shelves into the space, and then make drawers that slide in and out of these. (Picture 2)

The second option is to get a few slivers of wood and set them into the original space on either side for each drawer to "sit" on - like many drawers do.

Its fairly dependant upon how you prefer to approach it.

The first way:
Cut out 4 pieces of cardboard and glue them together to make the outside box. then 2 other pieces slightly less wide as these will slot into the original box. Glue these pieces in.
Or! As shown above cut out strips of cardboard and build up. (Pictures 3-6)
I then suggest wrapping all of this with white paper (or preferred design of choice ) and slot these into place.

Second Option:
Find four small slats of wood, ensuring they are the correct length for the space. If you're confident you could nail these in or you could super glue them in. I just used some double sided tape to avoid anything too permanent or damaging.

Step 2: Making the Drawers

First determine the height of each drawer.
You'll want the front piece to be slightly taller and the other three side pieces to be a little shorter to ensure you don't have it catching when sliding out.
I taped the drawers together, and later glued them. After that I wrapped them (most drawers I just wrapped the front, sides and inner bottom of the drawer - Picture 2) in white paper.
Then test them out in the space.

If your unlike me you will not have to pull them apart and resize them :p

Step 3: Decorate Your Drawers

My first set of designs I couldn't decide which would look best so I made a drawer designed of each.
Subsequently I decided to leave it as was.
Later I changed the drawer handles because it was made from electrical tape but wasn't strong enough for the weight of the drawers with items in them.

So I took some more cardboard strips, bending them in four places, and again, with celco clips used to attach them (very effectively) to the front of the drawers.

Very sturdy and I think they look pretty nifty too

Step 4: Marvel at Yourself and the Drawers

Because lets face it, that was a fair amount of effort.
But now you can organise all your things in there! Like stationery and crafts!

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