Introduction: DIY Cardboard Mobile Stand

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DIY Cardboard Mobile Stand
I'm making a simple mobile stand out of cardboard. This is a pretty simple process and is a good beginner DIY project.

Uses of Cardboard Mobile Stand

  • Use at Desktop
  • Use in Kitchen
  • Use at Terrace Table

Items Required for Cardboard Mobile Stand

  • Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Blade
  • White Sheet.

Step 1: Arrange All Tools at One Place

Make sure all tools are at one place so that easy to find all objects.

Step 2: Prepare Design on Sheet

Prepare Design template on sheet, also make precise marking on sheets.

Step 3: Cut the Design Template

I used a scissor to cut all the outline of Design - I.

Step 4: Make a Triangle Cut

In triangle cut, These marking are:-

for Fold ( - - - - )
for Cut ( ____ )

Step 5: Prepare the Other Half

Make sure the other part has similar size of cuts, which includes a equivalent triangle 1.4 cm and vertical cut of 4.2 cm. Cut The triangular shape through blade.

Step 6: Prepare Cardboard for Cuts

Draw an outline with the help of template sheet on cardboard.

Step 7: Cut Cardboard As Per Designed Outline.

Start making cut the cardboard as outlined.

Step 8: Use White Sheet Paper

Use white sheet for triangular and vertical cuts.

Step 9: Cardboard Mobile Stand Is Ready

Join both cardboard and fold the triangular shape which gives a support and balance to stand.

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