Introduction: DIY Cardboard Ultimate Mobile Phone Mirror Stand

Hello, welcome to a new Cardboard Instructable by me.

Why did I build it:

I desperatly needed a second Camera to film my Timelapse videos. The one i had is mounted in an overhead position. To use the overhead Camera for a second angle was out of the question. I knew that my Smartphone is able to record pretty amazing Images but only with the rear facing Camera. Thinking about that problem, I came up with this Cardboard Camera Rig.

In the video I will expand on the how´s and why´s.

More details in Step One

Step 1: What Do You Need to Recreate It?

The whole rig just needs Cardboard, Glue and a little bit of patience.

If you watched the complete Introductory Video you have seen the complete Time Lapse of me building this Mobile Phone Stand.

Now here are some aditional details and measurements.

- in my build i smoothed each an every Cardboard Edge. This is not necessary to get the functionality! If you want to do that, please look at step two.

- The Dimensions, wich I show in the Picture above, match a Samsung Note 4. You will need to adjust them to match your Phone.

If you have questions please ask!

Step 2:

This is the the main Technique i use (besides Cutting and glueing)

If you feel in need for more Cardboard goddness. Visit my youtube chanel:


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