Introduction: DIY: Cat Candy Catnip Toy

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Cute self made toy for cats that look like an human sweet candy and it's filled with catnip!

(PLEASE DON'T FREAK OUT HAHA) We don't have just only one cat or two cats living here, we do having a little more.. We have in total six cats that live here!


Please note that it's not needed to use all exactly the same supplies from the list below because it's based on what I did used:

- (Big sized) scissor
- Holes pliers tool
- Pen/Pencil
- (Thin) wire
- Fabric and Filling
- Normal (transparent) tape
- Catnip Herbs

Step 1: 1: Draw Something and Cutting Out Your Template Figure!

NOTE: First I had in mind to make an cute little heart shaped figure as cat toy with also some dry catnip herbs in it. But after I was done with binding the cord I wasn't really satisfy about it so after thinking a little I decided to transform my heart in a human candy.

You can making every figure you wanted to make of course!

- Draw the basic before you gonna cutting it out (Or print/make an template to using for this)
- Make both sides of your figure at once instead you must draw and cut out two appart pieces
- Use a good working scissor
(Self I used my big fabric scissor for cutting out mine)

TIP: Drawing on dark colored fabric pieces works much better when you use a white colored pencil!

Step 2: 2: Making the Hole's and Tie the Cord!

If you have your two pieces fabric figures cutting out and important if you are also satisfying with it, then you can go start with devide small holes around your figure. Then you can start with tie your cord.

TIP: If the cord you use goes after trough holes fraying, add a small piece of tape on both ends from your cord (See picture for example)

Step 3: 3: Fill Your Figure and Make Tight Everything Well!

- Don't forget to let one small part open for adding your filling
(and if you gonna want use also some catnip like I do)
- Last thing to do is tighten everything all good together!