Introduction: DIY Simple Mini Catapult!

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This was a very simple and fun toy I made in just under 10 minutes!

Step 1: Base

Take a small tin ( doesn’t have to be an altoids). And remove the top if it has one. This way the top doesn’t get in the way of the catapult. You don’t need any pliers or anything you can just use you hands and pull it out. After that turn on your hot glue gun for later.

Step 2: Hot Glueing

Take a cable clip and a small spring and hot glue them to the tin like in the picture above. Make sure to keep the cable clip hole above the edge of the base so that you can stick a nail or paperclip through. If hot glue doesn’t work you can try super glue but it will be a little harder.

Step 3: Rubber Banding

Take the popsicle stick and pencil and cross it together then secure it with a rubber band. Take another rubber band and attach the cross to the tin. Take the last rubber band and secure the back of the catapult so it doesn’t lift (it’s not in the pic). If it does lift you can take some hot glue to it

Ps: sorry if the pics are sideways

Step 4: Enjoy!

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