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This is a easy tutorial on how to make a slimmer costume for Halloween!


  • Paper Drop cloth/ Newspaper
  • At least 2 bottles of glue (we used titebond but many different types of glue work)
  • 4 Ping Pong balls
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Chicken Wire
  • Bailing Wire
  • plumbing insulation tubes/pool noodles
  • Varieties of Green spray-paint
  • Varieties of normal applebarrel paint
  • helmet
  • tape
  • Elastic
  • Burlap

Step 1: The Proportions

First we took my little brother and since he was going to be wearing the slimmer costume we of course used him to make the proportions

We took a old helmet and used that to hold the costume on him. cut off the buckle but not the entire strap because we need the buckle later. We took bailing wire and fed them through the plumbing insulation / pool noodle and bent it to fit on his shoulders. and put an elastic band that would go around his waist to hold it on and connected it with buckle from the helmet. Then wrapped over that with chicken wire. then added a sorta hoola hoop kind of shape which again was bailing wire fed through pool noodle because slimmer is a blob that is a little tapered. then we cut out arm holes and mouth hole. then sealed it with tubing so it doesn't poke him. and we added tape to even out some wonky parts. we also added more tubing to make double chins

Step 2: Paper Mache

For this step we first added a layer of paper Mache but instead of paper we used burlap to have a good strong base structure. then did a normal coat of paper mache with a paper drop cloth. we put ping pond balls where the eyes will go and surrounded it with paper mache to make eye sockets. then when it dried we took the ping pong ball out and threw it away since it as ruined then added cock and drywall pudy to seal any cracks.

Step 3: Painting

We first spent a day spay painting with different shapes of green. make sure to put the darkest where all low valleys are and the brightest at the highest points. then did more details with brush paints

Step 4: Finishing Touch

I took two ping pong balls and colored them with colored pencils to make it look like eyes

Step 5: Happy Halloween!