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Introduction: Iguana Enclosure

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This is the coolest thing I’ve ever made and I recommend some of you to try making one because 1. Your animal will be super happy 2. It’s an amazing experience 3. It saved us a lot of space. So that’s it for the intro let me actually explain how to build it.

Step 1: Foam Structure

Me and my dad first started with some foam boards and spray foam. We made three Foam layers for our iguana to Lay on and a foam tree So that he can climb up and down. We also took an old fish tank and covered the edges with spray foam so that it can be sort of a base for a water fall we were gonna make later. Then just sanded that down and that step was done

Step 2: Mortar

Next step was to cover everything in mortar. If you don’t know what mortar is it’s basically a paste that you can spread and when it dries it’s like rock. We covered the foam with mortar to make the structure look more natural. Then we added fake greenery like grass, flower, vines etc. that’s what I think made this whole project really come together. We covered some of the plastic bits from the fake grass with mortar to make it look Like it’s actually coming out of the ground.

Step 3: Border

This step is pretty simple we basically just cut some pieces of wood, painted them to match the enclosure. (Keep in mind all of the measurements you will have to decide on yourself because everyone’s should different in their own way and also we didn’t keep track of measurements lol .) Then we just screwed them in to border it.

Step 4: Wiring

This step was super cool! We make a foam block and covered it in mortar for the water fall. And we did the plumbing for it so that you know... it is a waterfall. We wired some heat lamps ,hue lights, his fog machine, And some litter rain sprinklers we bought off of amazon. All of the wires of course went behind the whole enclosure and to a control panel we built. The whole kinda theme was a Jurassic park theme and it really worked out.

Step 5: Glass Doors

I’m honestly not sure where it came from but we found a couple glass panels and we made a border for it and screwed in some hinges and boom simple glass doors

Step 6: Happy Iguana

Last step was to make our iguana happy by finally putting him into this enclosure. He loves it way more then the tiny poor dog cage he used to live in. Now he can actually feel free and be able to move around more.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 6

    How tough is it to keep clean? I want to do something similar for my Russian tortoise, but I worry about the ability to keep it clean.


    Reply 2 years ago

    It stays clean for a long time we have had it for about a month now and we haven't had to really clean. the most we do is just vacuum the front so that no bedding falls out. it might be different for your tortoise though because iguanas only poop once a month.if you want you can add a sliding pull out floor so that you can just pull it out and everything on the ground can just go in a garbage can, that's what we did for our guinea pig cage.


    2 years ago on Step 6

    Such an impressive project!
    Years ago I rescued Ziggy. He was your common green iguana probably bought from a pet store during the time Jurassic Park movies were popular. During a wind storm he fell from our palm tree. Besides being very young, he was cold and obviously lost. Ziggy was with us for 11 yrs and quickly became part of the family.
    Fish tanks were about all there was at that time to contain iguanas. Screened top with a sun lamp was what we’d heard you had to have, WRONG!
    After breaking his hind-end (cant recall exactly) the veterinarian I took him instructed me in Iguana 101, how to raise a healthy, happy iguana.
    Aside from the basics his most important lesson was sunlight, vitamin D, the one that shines above.
    Long story short, my boyfriend built Ziggy a similar enclosure although it didn’t have all the bells and whistles yours has. It was half in and half out of a second story window. He could lounge outside or come in when it got cold.
    He didn’t have a waterfall but if I was to do it again, definitely would be one in the design.
    I applaud you and your father!!!
    Makes me realize there are people who truly care and take good care of their 2 and 4 legged pets (more legs included).
    Can only believe he or she appreciates the time and trouble you went to in making their habitat more comfortable and interesting.
    Great project


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing that story with me. we used to keep red (that's his name) in that same kinda of cage before the dog cage. we had to move him because our cat had figured out how to get though the screen at the top and tried to hurt red. I didn't expect to see on the security cameras that red scared the cat off himself because hes usually a quite slow animal.

    anyways its been about a week or two since we built it and no problems! he is very happy in his new home... at least i think😂. again thank you for taking the time to write that!