Introduction: DIY Chalkboard-Corkboard

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An easy way to create a chalkboard and corkboard in one! Hope you all enjoy!                        

Step 1: Materials

Board(any size will do) I used 42in. x 30in.; Cork with 1mm thickness, Old foam exercise mat, Chalkboard paint and primer

Step 2: Make the Corkboard

Now take your cork and attach it to the foam.  When ready cut out the cork and there you have it! A perfect, easy, and best of all cheap cork surface for push pins.

Step 3: Paint on the Chalkboard

Determine where you would like the cork to be, draw some lines, prime and paint everywhere else.

Step 4: Attach Cork to the Board

Glue the cork the chalkboard and you are almost complete! I also made a little eraser and a chalk holder out of a bottle. Thanks for checking out my Instructable!!