Introduction: DIY Chips and Salsa Snack Ship

Learn how to make a Snack Ship from a paper plate with scissors and a stapler.

This great RE-invention of the paper plate to serve snacks was made to improve the way people eat on the go. Whether you are taking a short drive to your next activity or traveling across country on vacation, the Snack Ship helps keep your snack where it belongs and not on the car floor or seats.

This RE- invention has helped us throughout our busy schedule. As kids we are always on the go often times eating in the car on our way to our next activity.

RE-invent the flat paper plate into a Snack Ship. Keep all your food contained, not sliding off or dripping off the edges.

YADI Creativity!

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

The supplies you need to obtain or gather is a stapler,scissors,and paper plates.You can simply find all these materials around your house The stapler helps form the shape of the ship. The scissors cut through the plate to make it easier to form it like a ship and to make the little bowl thing for the condiments and the plates help support and make the ship.

When you make this be sure you have the proper tools like the scissors and stapler.These tools make it much easier to form the boat instead of folding a lot. These can be replaced with common objects likes the stapler can be replaced with glue, the paper plates can be ripped, and the paper plates can be replaced with hard stock paper.

Step 2: Make Cuts

The first step to make the snack ship is to take your scissors and one paper plate. You take your scissors and start cutting four section into one of the paper plates.Try to make the four cuts as even as you can. Also make sure you don't cut the paper plate all the way down the plate.

Step 3: Form and Shape Ship

Next, you fold the edges in (as shown in the image) and staple them, which will form the boat. When you do this if you want your boat walls higher you pull in the sides inward. If you want the width of the boat larger then, you wouldn't pull them farther apart.

Step 4: Condiment Tube

Next use the other paper plate and then cut a large, long piece. Then you roll it up into a cylinder and staple it to attach the two sides. This forms a section for any condiments like ketchup, mustard, and relish. Or even better yet, SALSA!

Step 5: Assemble

After that, use the stapler and staple the condiment section onto the paper plate.When you staple the condiment section on you staple it on the bottom of it and the top of the condiment section. After that you’re ready to go.

Step 6: Fill It and Eat Snack

Extra things you should be careful of is that the condiments can possibly fall out of the condiment section if you don't staple the condiment section at the very bottom.We learned that paper is not a good option to make a snack ship because it's not sturdy enough. We had a problem finding the right material to make the snack ship.We conquered this challenge by trying different materials like paper and paper plates.We didn't need help from friends or family members.Next time we can avoid these challenges by making sure we staple in the right places and make sure we have a sturdy enough material.

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