Introduction: DIY Christmas Tree

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Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in countries around the whole world.The practice of putting up special decoration at Christmas has a long history.People decorate their house,Garden, workplace with Christmas tree, Christmas Wreath , Christmas Bells etc and putting their creativity to make it even more beautiful.

The Christmas Tree was first used by German Lutherans in 16th Century.A Star has to put on the top of the Tree, which called Star of Bethlehem or Christmas Star.However Christmas tree decorate with many other decorative Christmas ornaments and lights.

Its being known as Traditional and Ritual thing on Christmas season. So the reason it gives you more pleasure and satisfaction if it made up of your hands on it.

yes..Here I did a Christmas Tree with some waste materials and with some readymade Christmas ornaments

( you can also make each ornaments with your hands, will discus it on every cases), so Lets move to make this easy and beautiful DIY.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Used

Materials Used:

1. Cardboard

2. Garland:

3. Dowels:

4. Styrofoams:

5. Gift Wrapping Paper:

6. Glitter Foam Sheets:

7. Christmas Balls:

8. Christmas Bells:

9. Christmas Stars:

10. Christmas Lace:

11. Needle and Thread:

12. String Light:

Tools Used:

1. Hot Glue Gun:

2. Scissors:

3. Hobby Knife:

Step 2: Preparing the Tree Base Step-1

For the very first step I am using waste cardboard as its base material.I took a cardboard with diameter of approximately about 12 to 15cm. I have also taken some Dowels to make it a conical shape.You can use some straight tree branches, or some straight wires instead of Dowels.Its not necessary to use perfectly straight branches, Its ok if you can find tree branches which are approximately look straight.But the main thing is you have to cut all the branches or wires with an equal length.

Here I am taking some readymade Dowels which are readily equal in length.Just to make a big sized Christmas tree , I did join both ends of the Dowels with help of glue.

Here I have used Hot glue to make it fix.

Step 3: Preparing the Tree Base Step-2

On the second step, I marked the entire cardboard with 1 to 8 numbers with help of a marker or a pen.The distance between each numbers are must be equal.And then over that particular numbers you have to make a holes. I have used Hobby knife to make holes over these.

The main intend to make holes is, I want to punch the Dowels into the holes and glue it to tick perfectly.

Step 4: Fixing of Dowels

As I have first tried to glue it only, but the dowels fall down on next few minutes.

So its a better idea to make holes and also glue it after that, so that Dowels will never gonna fall down. To make it fix I have used hot glue gun and put hot glue over and behind the cardboard.

When you are doing this above process, you have to bend each Dowel inwards which helps later to join the above part of the Dowels together.

Now arrange all the top part of the dowels together and use masking tape or any tapes to hold the Dowels properly.

At the end it need to look like a conical shaped thing.

Step 5: Garland Wrapping

No Christmas is go good without Green coloured Garland. Green Garland is like the main object which you have to use to decorate your tree.

Here I have used a multiple numbers of Green Garland on the periphery.You need to start from the cardboard as shown in the figure and gradually go towards the top of the cone.

You should keep in mind that no gap left in between the layers of Garland.If you find a little gap its fine ,but not a big gap is considered good.

For a better knowledge, you can go to the video attached on my Article.

Step 6: Making of Christmas Snow Flakes

Now its the time to decorate the Tree with some Christmas Ornaments. Without the Christmas ornaments ,the Christmas three cant look so beautiful.

For that I took a silver coloured glittered foam sheet.On the back side of the sheet, I have drawn some Snow Flakes.Then I cut those out with the help of Hobby Knife.

Step 7: Making of Christmas Star

The way you create Snow Flakes, the same way you can create Christmas star also.On the back side of the Silver foam sheet you have to draw a big size Star, then cut it out with the help of HOBBY knife.

For the process on cutting , first you should place the corresponding sheet on the cutting mat.Its mandatory to cut it over a cutting mat otherwise the material just below the sheet will get damaged.

Now place these Christmas Ornaments for later use and proceed to the next step with a smile.

Step 8: Christmas Bulb Decoration

Now its my fav decoration part, because I personally love these glitter glossy Christmas Bulbs. I have used three colour like Red, Silver and Golden.

I have used here some readymade bulbs which is readily available in any craft shop.

For make these fix you can use Hot Glue gun or you can hang it with the help of thread.

For a better knowledge you can do visit with my video part attached just above my article.

Step 9: Hanging of Snow Flakes

Now put all your decorative Christmas handmade Ornaments.Take a piece of thin lace( silver colour used here) and stick it on the back side of the Ornaments and let it hang on the tree.

Step 10: Gift Warping

Now its time to do another interesting thing i.e. hanging of some gifts.

Here though we are only made the tree with a decorative purpose, thats the reason I have made some false gifts which only look like gift boxes.

For this I have taken some cubical shaped sponges and warped it with many colourful Gift papers.

I have used some tapes to stick the wrap paper over the sponges and on the outer side I have used thin laces to make those even more attractive.

How to wrap properly is hard to describe here, but I have did a demo on my video, so please have a look there.

Step 11: Gift Decoration

Its time to hang these on the tree and make the tree dress up with a charming way.

As I hang all other Christmas ornaments, here also i have put a thin piece of lace just the back side of each wrapped gifts and hang it on the tree or just glue the other side of the lace on the tree.

Be careful while using the Hot Glue. Because in this case all materials are like thin plastic which get melt so quickly when it get a contact with Hot Glue. So from my knowledge I should advice , not immediately stick it after you apply the Hot Glue. Just wait few second and then after go for it. Otherwise it may burn your skin too.

Step 12: Some Extra Ornaments Decoration

In this step, I have used some readymade decorative colourful stars to hang over the tree.

The same way I have done before, I stick a lace with glue just on the back side of each star and hang it over the Christmas Tree.

Step 13: Christmas Bow Making Step-1

Waoo.. I have a beautiful Christmas lace, with this I am going to make a Bow.

For this you have to cut the lace into three parts. Consider in mind that, you have to cut two out of three with same length and the third one should be approximately double in size.

Now taking first two pieces of lace, and find the mid section on each laces.

Then you have to fold each ends inwards (do the same procedure in both the laces).

Before going to the next step, ready a needle with red/golden coloured thread(which will go good with ) the lace colour.

Now place of the laces on a half overlap manner, and fold it like you the way you make fold on saree. By sewing, you will find a beautiful Bow.

Step 14: Christmas Bow Making Step-2

Take the third piece of lace and place it as shown in above figure.Then fold it like you old the laces before.By sewing it with needle and thread ,you will get a beautiful Bow base.

Step 15: Christmas Bow Making Step-3

Now place the already made Bow over the Bow base.

To stick it ,you can use needle and thread or else you can directly apply some glue in between both.

Here I have made a four looped Bow.

To make it even more attractive, cut the end parts of the Bow base with a triangular manner.

If you still want to get a better idea about this, please go though the video.Otherwise go through my channel, I have already did a separate Bow making video.

Step 16: Placing the Bow

Place the Bow on the top most part of the Christmas tree.

I have used Hot Glue to fix it over.

Its seriously double the tree beauty.

Step 17: Bells and Star Decoration

How could Christmas go good without bells....I have used some gold coloured and same size bells here.

I stick it over the lace with help of hot glue and hold both bells for few seconds until the glue dried up.

Put the big size star just behind the bow, which you have already made with foam sheet.

Step 18: Decoration With Santa

Its absolutely an optional part. where I have used some Santa and hang it withe the help of lace.

If you cant get these, its ok. Its not a mandatory step at all.

By end of this step you can see a beautiful Christmas tree is ready to decorate.

Step 19: Lighting Up the Tree

On the last step, I have use a Fairy light which is battery operated.I have put the light all around the tree.

YES..The result will give you more satisfaction.

Just play some good soothing Christmas tunes and enjoy your decoration with your family and friends.

Thank you so much for being with me and for reading my article.

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