Introduction: DIY Christmas Wreath Using Plastic Bags

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hey guys so ill be showing you how to make a Christmas wreath using plastic bags

Step 1: Things Youll Need:

metal hanger

white plastic bags

led lights



Step 2:

get your metal hanger and make a round shape with it using your hands for the Christmas wreath

Step 3:

now get you plastic bags and cut them into small rectangle bits

and get your hanger and start tieing them onto the hanger making small not as you go along and do this till your hand is covered completely with the plastic bags i used 10 plastic bags for this project.

Step 4:

decoration time

so firstly i plated my small Christmas tree in the middle with the top part of the hanger is then i hot glue gun my ornaments in small places then i warped my led lights around the Christmas wreath

Step 5: Finishing Look

this is how it looks and its a very easy diy craft to do for Christmas with the kids too , it takes about 1 hour for the hole craft only due to the plastic bags tieing them one by one.

please check out the full video on how to make it if you still find it difficult.

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