Introduction: DIY Circle Art

This instructable is going to show you how to make an awesome Circle Art Painting!

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

The supplies you will need:

-Plastic Cups
-Paint Palette
-Paper Towels (for your work surface)

Step 2: Making the Circle Art

Start by putting each color of paint in your palette.
Put each color of paint that you are going to use in your palette.

Next, pick a size cup and use a paintbrush to paint the color of your choice on the rim of your cup.

To make the circles on your canvas, place the cup upside down onto the canvas.
Carefully lift up the cup off the canvas and your circle will be on the canvas!
Repeat that process with different colors and different size cups.

Step 3: Making More of the Circles!

Keep making the circles using the rim of your plastic cup and paint.
You can also paint multiple colors on the rim of your cup to make colorful circles.

Step 4: Cleaning and Finishing

Now it's time to clean!
Throw away all the cup you used.

Run the paintbrushes under some water to clean them off. Make sure they are clean!
Then dry the paintbrushes.

Run the paint palette under some water too, so the paint comes off. Then simply dry it off!

And as for the paper towels, you can toss those in the trash.

Now you are done! Enjoy your new painting!!
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