Introduction: DIY: Clay Pumpkins

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Hello, everyone! I'm back with another fall DIY! I waited two whole months to post this baby. Yeah, summer is my jam, and the best season ever, but I was just so excited to post this tutorial that the 2 month wait felt like forever. Anyway, let's get started! :D

Step 1: How the Cool Kids Grow Pumpkins

Yup. We are in the know, y'all. You can be, too, with this DIY. ;) #learnwithcraftychica

Anyway, here are the materials you need to be a pumpkin growin', fall decoratin', unstoppable cool kid:

-Air dry clay

-Paint in lots of lovely fall colors


-Mod Podge


-Something to cut the clay with



-Paint brushes

-Clear sealer

-Something to make the stem hole with

Step 2: Shhh! Don't Tell Mama!

That you're one of the cool kids! ;)

Grab your clay and cut a piece. It doesn't have to be perfect, as real pumpkins are not. Roll it into the shape your pumpkin is going to be and stick your skewer in the top. Now take the pointed end and roll it gently down the clay ball. This makes your segments. Let it dry completely. This can take anywhere from a week to two weeks, depending on your environment.

Step 3: They Grow So Fast!

And look so good! <3

Now grab your paint and go to town! Make sure you don't paint inside the stem hole. Let the paint dry thoroughly, then grab your clear sealer and seal your lovely pumpkins, making sure not to seal inside of the stem hole. Let the sealer dry thoroughly.

Step 4: You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Stem!

Wait, that's supposed to be "smile'. Whoops! ;)

Cut a strip of your felt around an inch wide and around 3 inches long and roll it up, gluing as you go. Put some glue in your pumpkin's stem hole and glue the stem in. Let it dry. Cut a tiny circle out and glue it on top of your stem and let it dry again.

Enjoy your lovely fall decor! ;)


Haha, you thought this DIY was done, didn't you? ;) Do you like glam, bling, and glitz? Do you want to take being cool to the next level? Well, you are in luck, my friends! ;) Keep reading to find out how to make your pumpkins glam AF! :D

Step 5: Livin' the Glam Life

Grab any unpainted pumpkin and paint it as usual. Now grab your Mod Podge and your glitter and paint your pumpkin. Let it dry thoroughly, seal it, and add the stem.

You can also make a lovely two toned pumpkin by painting any unpainted pumpkin whatever fall color you like (that Waverly paint in Fern green was PERFECT for this project!) and dry brushing a coordinating color on half of your pumpkin. Let it dry and seal as usual.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you recreate it, I would love to see it! Hit me up on Twitter at @The_CraftyChica. And as always, have a wonderful, safe, festive fall season! :)