Introduction: DIY Combined Barbecue and Wood Fired Oven

Hi guys,

I wanted to show you my latest project for the country house. The old barbecue disintegrated due to the hot and cold winters of northern Italy. So I decided to build it while saving as much as possible. The total cost was € 250 and many weekends worked.

I prepared a video in Italian and subtitled in English.


- Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)

- Concrete

- Tiles

- Refractory Tiles

- Refractory mortar

- Mortar

- OSB Panel

- Scrap wood

- Nails

Tools: Trowels, Wood saw, buckets, angle grinder

Step 1: Remove Old Barbecue

Clean the area from the rubble of the old barbecue, build the new concrete base and wait for it to dry, wetting it with water to prevent cracks

Step 2: Build the Structure With AAC

We begin the construction of the barbecue structure using AAC and mortar blocks. We check with the spirit level that the blocks are aligned.

Step 3: Build the Roof

Meanwhile we are waiting for the structure to dry we build the roof of our barbecue

Step 4: Barbecue Finishing

We plaster the structure by inserting a net that will reinforce the structure.

Step 5: Complete the Wood Oven

We clothe the wood oven with refractory tiles and refractory mortar.

Step 6: Tiling Structure

We tile the structure of our hybrid barbecue with tiles recovered from previous projects in order to facilitate cleaning from soot and fat due to cooking meat

Step 7: First Ignition

We just have to make the first ignitions gradually so as to allow the refractory materials to adapt and not be damaged

Step 8: Final Result

We just have to enjoy some good grills and tasty pizzas with friends.