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Learn how to make this cute paper mini album - Step by step Tutorial

I did this photo album for my husband, I wanted to give him something special, something unique :)

I'm sure you gonna love this Creative Gift Idea. If you'll do it, the recipient of your Camera Box will love your creation!

In this step by step tutorial you will learn how to make this Photo Album that you can give it like a gift for Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays etc. With this handmade Album you can prove to your loved ones that you care about them & you are willing to create special gifts and not just buy them. Remember, without love we are lost ! :)

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

For some people it's easier to watch a video than following step by step photos.

So if you are one of them I hope that this video will help you !

Step 2: Gather Your Tools & Supplies!

You can find the Tools & Supplies that I used for this project on the link below:


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Step 3: Making the Cover ( Dimensions )

Step 4: Making the Cover ( Sign and Score )

  • Sign the black card stock on both sides.
  • Unite the points.
  • Score along the lines.
  • Fold it.
  • Stick 3 magnets on the edge of the short side.
  • Attach the other 3 magnets on top of the first ones.
  • Fold the cover same as i did and let the second set of magnets to stick by themselves on the big rectangle.

Step 5: Making the Cover ( Decorating It )

  • Using a glue snail, stick the red card stock on top of the black base.
  • Then stick the decorative paper on top of the red rectangles.
  • Do the same on both sides.
  • Now take the small black rectangle and with a border puncher, create a decorative strip.
  • With glue dots, stick the strip onto the outside part of the cover.
  • Add also a piece of ribbon on top of the decorative strip.

Step 6: Making the Envelopes Using the Cricut Explore 2 - ( Optional )

  • Open the Cricut machine & software.
  • In your work space design a 9" X 6" rectangle.
  • Create 2 vertical scoring lines at 2"1/4 and 6"1/2.
  • Also create one horizontal scoring line at 5"3/4.
  • Insert an A4 red card in your machine and press start.
  • Let the machine do your work :)
  • Take your piece of card and fold it along the lines.

Step 7: Making the Envelopes by Hand :)

  • Take a 9" x 6" piece of red card and score it at 2" 1/4 and 6" 1/2.
  • Turn the card and score it at 1/4 on the long side.
  • Fold along the lines.
  • With a scissor, cut the small rectangles as i did.
  • Using adhesive tape, stick it all together.
  • Mark the middle of your envelope and with a circle puncher, cut a small hole.
  • Repeat the process until you will have 6 envelopes.

Step 8: Sticking the Envelopes on the Cover

  • Put a strip of adhesive tape on the middle of each envelope.
  • Stick the one on top of an other, like an accordion.
  • Add adhesive tape on the middle of the big rectangles of the cover same as I did.
  • Then stick the envelopes on the cover.

Step 9: Making the Tags ( Dimensions )

To make the tags you will need:

  • Black card stock
  • Decorative paper
  • Embellishments

Step 10: Making the Tags ( Decorating Them )

  • With a glue snail, stick the decorative paper on the black base.
  • You can also add embellishments on the decorative paper.
  • Print 6 pictures.
  • Using photo corners, stick the pictures on the other side of the tag.

Step 11: Finishing the Album

  • Put the tags inside the envelopes.
  • Using glue dots, add a butterfly button on the ribbon strip.

That's it! You just learned how to make an accordion mini album :)

Step 12: More Project Videos!

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Write me your comments about this project on my Youtube video(comments section)! You can see it somewhere on the top of this step!

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