Introduction: DIY Crayon/pencil/marker Jar

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Hey guys! So today we're gonna be making a pencil/crayon/maker container. So what we'll need are:


A mason jar

Paint (I used acrylic paint) paintbrushes (of course!) Tape ( I used duct tape) and water ( to clean the paintbrushes)

Step 1: Paint the Jar

So I did a watermelon design but you can whatever design you want! And emoji, a donut, a rainbow etc..

For the watermelon design I didnt have the specific pink i wanted so i mixed two colors together. So i painted a little more than half of the jar pink and let it dry. ( You'll have to add 2 or three more layers of paint to make your jar opaque*)

Then i painted the other half green and let that dry. Be sure to get the bottom of the jar!

Step 2: Adding the White Line

After everything was dry, i got some duct tape and put it around the jar to make a straight line for painting the white line. ( Be wary. A little of the paint might come off on the tape)

Also with this, you have to do two or three more layers to make it opaque*

You might have to touch up the pink and green sides to make it perfect.

Step 3: Adding the Green Squiggles

After the white line was done and dry, I drew lines on the green part of the jar as an outline for the squiggles.

Paint in your squiggles and let that dry.

After it's dry add another layer or two ( it depends on the type of paint you're using)

Step 4: Adding on the Watermelon Seeds (the Black Dots)

This is pretty simple. Just paint some black circles or ovals, but not too much.

Let it dry.

If you prefer you can add a sealant onto the jar when you're done, but if you prefer the matte style, like me, then you don't need to add a sealant.

Step 5: And You're Done!!!

And.... you're done!!! Just add your pencils/markers/crayons to the jar, snap a cute pic and share it with your friends or on insta.

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