Introduction: DIY Crop Top and Mini Skirt Made From Denim Jeans

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DIY crop top and mini skirt made from one pair denim jeans.

Step 1: Grab a Pair of Denim Jeans

Grab a pair of your old jeans or sneak a pair of your husband's or boyfriend's jeans that you hate. hehehe

Step 2: Make Your Design

I used draping tape and my dress form to make my design.

Step 3: Making the Pattern Pieces

Place a piece of muslin over the draping tape and pin it snuggly. Use a sharpie to trace the draping tape. Trace each panel separately. Then, add a half inch seam allowance to each pattern piece. Cut out pattern pieces.

Step 4: Place Pattern Pieces Back on Dress Form

Pin the pattern pieces together and put them back on the dress form. Make sure it fits and then mark your notches.

Step 5: Jeans

Grab your tape measure and measure the desired the length of your skirt. Mark it and cut it.

Step 6: Cut the Crotch of Jeans

Cut up the inseam all the way up to the crotch. Cut carefully and cut until it will lay flat without bulking. Do the exact same for the back. Pin it and sew it together.

Step 7: The Bottom of the Pant Legs

Cut the bottom of each pant leg at the outer seam.

Lay the pant legs out flat, right sides up.

Lay all the pattern pieces out on one leg, right sides up (follow the grain). This will only make one side of the crop top. To do the other side, you must flip the pattern pieces over with the wrong sides facing up and then cut.

Step 8: Pin Crop Top Together

Pin the top pieces together and then sew it.

Overlock the raw edges.

Hem the bottoms of the top and the skirt. When you sew the cut out part in the front of the crop, sew in a triangle. Just follow the pattern of the cut out

Step 9: Install Your Zipper

Install your separating zipper.

Step 10: All Done!