Introduction: DIY Cubicle Clips - Cheap and Easy

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If you are one of the many lucky people who spend their days within the walls of a small cloth covered box then you have liked dreamed of adding a little something to remind you of the existence of rest of the world.

These quick DIY Cubicle Clips are just the thing. They cost like $0.05 to make, and they are super useful, especially if the walls of your cube are "hard" (i.e. you can't stick a push pin in them). If yours are "soft" then these will still be useful for items that you don't want to poke a hole in ,like photos.

To begin.......

You will need:

1 - spring loaded clothes pin - wooden or plastic
1 - 3" piece of wire  - a straightened paper clip will do
any needle nose pliers
belt sander (optional - only used to make the wire pointy on the ends)

Let's get down to it. This will only take you like 2 minutes.

Step 1: Cut the Wire to Length and Sharpen

Ok, I'll keep this brief.

Here we will use the cutter part of the needle nose pliers to cut a piece of wire to about 3" length.

Then, if you have access to a belt sander or grinder, you can sharpen then ends to make them easier to poke thru the weave of your cubicle wall fabric. It's not absolutely necessary, so if you don't have a belt sander or anything, just keep going, it's no big deal. Leave the ends as cut.

Check out the photos in this step to see what things look like.

Step 2: Insert the Wire and Bend by Hand

This step is easy.

Insert the wire thru the hole in the clothes pin spring and get it centered.

You can just eyeball it so the amount of wire sticking out of each side is about equal.

Now, bend the wires 90 degrees in the same direction, while inserted in the clothes pin. You might want to tweak it a little bit so this new "U" shaped wire can rotate freely around the pin. This will all make more sense when you see the picture below.

As you can see, I didn't eyeball it very well, but it's all good. It will still work fine.

Step 3: Bend the Wires Back With Pliers

This is the final step in the fabrication.

Using the needle nose pliers, you want to position one leg of the wire in the jaws so that you can bend the leg down 90 degrees. you should grab it so there is a little space to allow for the thickness of the clothes pin itself. Again, the pictures should help more than these words. Note how the jaws are slightly past the clothes pin. You want both sides to be equally spaced as possible in this area.

Once both legs are bent down, you are done. Check out the photos of the finished bending.

Step 4: Install & Enjoy!

To install, you pick a spot and slide the wire legs along almost parallel to the wall, with a slight tilt so they slide in between the cloth and the cube wall. It's pretty easy, especially if you were able to sharpen the ends.

Make a bunch of these. Paint them up. Put LEDs on them. Make them your own.

Your cloth covered place of employment will never be the same.

Thanks for reading this instructable. Check out my others for more "high tech" offerings.