Introduction: DIY Custom Board Sign

Through this step by step process, I will teach who how to create your own inspiring sign that you can give to a friend or loved one using easy to pick up materials from any nearby store, without any power tools. ( Although the example is a beach sign, you can also make any design you think your friend or loved one would like)

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

The first step with any do it yourself creation( or any creation in general) is you have to collect all the materials. The first thing anyone will need, rather you are creating a beach theme or a animal theme or any theme for that matter is a board.The board I used in my photo is a simple 12 in X 16 in board I picked up from a local Walmart, with no handles. For your custom project however, you can any board you think you will need for the desired creation. The next materials are the paint. Any good sign needs something to color in its background. this board uses plain white paint and sea blue paint, both picked up from Walmart as well. For your creation you can pick out whatever paint you need. The next materials are all custom. Depending on what you need, you will need different materials. For this board, I used fake beach sand, picked up from a Hobby Lobby, scenic spray glue from the model train section to keep the sand down, from Hobby Lobby, fake shells from Hobby Lobby, and miniature model driftwood, also from Hobby Lobby, A stencil for letters( since I am not a good speller) picked up from Walmart, and paint brushes of various sizes. Depending on the size of the Board and letters you want painted, the bigger or smaller brushes you will need, able to be picked up anywhere. Finally we also used Gorilla Glue, that can be found practically anywhere to hold everything in place. Now you have everything you need.

Step 2: Step 2 : Background

Now the creation process starts. First and foremost, you want to color the background. If you try applying any other item before hand, the background will become extremely hard to put on. Simply take whatever paint your background will be, apply it to your brush, and add a layer of paint to the board. For best results of a even paint surface, it is advised to add a second layer of paint on after the first dries. It is also advised to paint the sides of the board to make it blend in. If you are using two background colors or more, simply color the background all of whatever the main color is, then use a piece of newspaper, or another piece of scrap material to block off what you want to stay the main color, that way you do not accidentally get paint on it. Repeat for each layer of different paint.

Step 3: Step 3: Border Sand

(Note this step is optional, only if you are making a similar beach replica will you need to add sand.) The next step is to add sand to the border. Note that this is a rather messy process, and will take long hours to dry onto the board. Even after the sand has dried, grains of sand will still probably fall off of the board. Make sure you use clear glue, for me I used the scenic spray and add a layer around the edge about 1 in to 1 1/2 in wide. Make sure to add sand down as you go around. After all sand is applied, apply another layer of spray glue or whatever glue is being used to help hold the sand down. Every couple of hours or whenever the glue is dried lift the board up and shake it to get all loose sand to fall off. Then re apply sand and glue again. Once the sand layer is dried to the thickness that you want, consider this step down. If applying other materials to the surface of the board, make sure to consider its material make up and select a appropriate glue type for it.

Step 4: Step 4: the Quote

Rather you attempt to apply a quote, a inspirational word or random gibberish, almost all signs need some form of words to describe what they are there for. For the easiest way to create a phrase, a stencil does wonders. If you do not think you have enough time to paint each letter individually and then have to let them dry before the next letter can be used, trace the letters with a pencil and then paint all the letters at once. Make sure to use a bright paint that can be easily seen on your background color. For example, white looks great on blue. Do not stress if the letters don't look perfect, it's a homemade project, it shouldn't have to look perfect If you do want to make it look better, add a layer of your choice of background color over the letter and then try repainting it again. This step can also be used for pictures of animals or other objects in stencils Make sure to evenly space your letters and .words to look the way you want.

Step 5: Step Five: Accessory's

Now with the board painted and the border finished, you can began the final accessory's. Make sure to place all your items on the board before gluing, to find the best possible position. For my board I added a piece of driftwood horizontally to the top two facing diagonally on both sides, and another piece horizontally on the bottom. Next I randomly added seashells along the bottom and at the corners of the Board to make it seem more natural. Once everything was in position, I simply picked up each piece individually and applied glue to the bottom, followed by placing it back on the board in there original position Once all pieces are placed and glued, allow the glue to dry. Now the project is nearly done.

Step 6: Step:6 Final Add On's.

Now that the board is complete, any final additions may be added. If you want to add handles, simply visit a Hobby Lobby, A Home Depot, or any other store to pick out handles to hang the Board up. If you wish to set up the board normally, then simply do so. If any other items are to be applied then think outside the box. This can guide you, but your creation is still your own. If you want to build a beach design than follow this guide. If you have other ideas then go all out.

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