Introduction: DIY Custom Color Nail Polish!

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Have you ever needed a slightly different shade of nail polish than the one you have?
Have you ever wished your nail polish had a little bit more sparkle?
Have you ever wanted your nail polish to dry faster?
Ever needed a custom color of nail polish but didn't want to commit to an entire bottle?
Have you ever wanted your nail polish to match your eye shadow?
Do you like chocolate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this tutorial is for you!  :)

Step 1: Change the Coverage!

I bought some nail polish that just wasn't what I had hoped.
I know I should just take more time and put on 3 thin coats of polish...
but I couldn't wait that long.

Take some dry eyeshadow that matches the color pretty close...
and add it right to your nail polish!
It instantly made one coat coverage THIS much better!
(don't look too close at my old-yard-work hands!)

Step 2: Here's How...

I used a small knife to chop up eyeshadow on a lightweight piece of paper.
Then crease the paper to act as a slide (funnel) to get all the eyeshadow in the nail polish...
Mix it up and paint on one regular layer!
The eyeshadow gives the nail polish more sparkle and helps lessen the drying time!

It's amazing!

Step 3: Total Custom Color!

I had about half a bottle of clear polish in my stash...but no black.
I never paint my nails black, but wanted to see if the same
coverage could be achieved with such a drastically dark color!
So I scraped off some black eyeshadow...
Poured it in my jar...which is cool by itself...
And shook it up!
Still needs 2 layers, but it's gorgeous sparkly black!

And it doesn't separate! 

Step 4: Perfection!

Perfect DIY Nail polish!
You can do any color combination you can dream of!
Try mixing a metallic eyeshadow to a non-metallic color!  :)

And you can match it with your eyeshadow!  :)

And it cleans off exactly the same!  Just some remover on a cotton ball! 

Step 5: Non-commital!

Now, if you aren't ready to commit to an entire bottle of your mixed color...
You can use a palette.
Add some eyeshadow into one of the wells...maybe some Tardis Blue!

add your clear nail polish...
And mix!  You can use a paint brush, or just use nail polish
remover to clean the brush when you are done.

This one had quite a bit eyeshadow to nail polish it's very glittery!
And dried WAY fast.  Make sure your ceiling fan is off during this...

Just enough for 10 fingernails!  Color once without the lifelong commitment!  :)

Step 6: Endless Options!

Now you can mix up your nail polish to suit whatever mood you are in!
For the perfect color matched nails!

Would make a great Mother's Day gift!  Just add a custom label! 

Check out more fun at my blog Doodlecraft!
Thanks!  :)

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