Introduction: DIY Custom Shirt

Most of the time, you find the shirt to your liking online or at your local clothes store...but what if you don't? Well, this will show you exactly how you can create your own customizable shirt to your liking.

Step 1: Materials:


-Fabric paint

-Masking tape




-Paint brush

Step 2: Preparing

To prepare, you need to find what design you want to do on your shirt. Also, pick a shirt that you feel comfortable in. Make sure you are in a open space so you have enough room to move about freely.

Step 3: Creating

After you have decided what design you want on your paper, lay out your shirt on a flat surface area. Using the masking tape and ruler, outline your design so when you paint, you wont be getting paint on the shirt where the design isn't supposed to be. Place the cardboard in the shirt to make sure no paint bleeding occurs. Make sure you coat the design in paint at least two times so it doesn't fade away easily. After you have finished painting your design, make sure you let the shirt dry.

Step 4: Show It Off

Show off your shirt to all your friends, let them know you made it!