Introduction: DIY Customizable Coffee Grinder

Each coffee bean has hundreds of flavors and aromatics locked inside. In addition, grinding your own coffee with a mill made by yourself makes every cup of coffee a rite for the true fans of this drink. This instructable will allow you an easy and nostalgic way to get constant grinding that will release all the flavor potential in each cup you prepare.


•9mm mdf board

• ¼ of 2mm acrylic board

• Wood glue

• Colorful water based paints

• Ceramic grinder burr set (available at the following link on aliexpress

• 5/32 x ½ round head stainless steel screws

• 5/32 x2 stainless nut

• spring washer stainless 5/32 x2

• Screw for 6x 3/4 blade

• ¼ ’stainless steel shaft (available at the following link

• Top nut (available on AliExpress,searchweb201602_1,searchweb201603_53)

• 3D printer I used an extended Ultimate 3+ with 0.4mm PLA

• Laser cutting machine

Step 1: Design

A 120 mm side case was chosen to be a comfortable sizefor the user.

It is designed to be cut in 9 mm thick MDF wood because it is easy to cut and assemble. The CAD consists of toothed parts to fix the assembly with wooden glue and a smaller one to receive the ground coffee and then deposit it in the filtration method that you like the most. The upper part of the box that in turn will serve as a lid will be acrylic of any color of 2 mm thick that is also available for cutting on the laser cutter.

The container where the coffee beans are going to be housed is designed to be printed on any 3d printer just like the crank that will rotate the shaft with the blade.

All cut files are available in .dxf format and print files in .stl format for processing on any machine.

Step 2: Cut and Print the Parts

Once the design is complete, we download the pieces to cut in .dxf format and cut them in a laser machine considering the particular parameters for the material and the selected thickness.

Pieces for 3D printing .stl files are downloaded and processed to be printed, in this case I used the cura software with solid fill, support and plate adhesion.

Step 3: Assemble the Box and Paint It

Assemble the boxes according to the guides with wood glue, sand the joints and paint it with white vinyl, let it dry and let your imagination fly. In this case, I chose to draw coffee plants to remember where the delicious beans we grind come from.

Step 4: Assemble All Parts

Screw the coffee container printed in step 2 to the outer blade, with 5/32 round head stainless steel screws and its nut, adding a spring washer to prevent the movement in the grinding. Then, fix the cut acrylic lids, the printed container and the large wooden box with one inch assembly screws. verify that the mechanical adjustment allows the acrylic lid to rotate to open and close the coffee inlet using the index finger.

Finally, assemble the 1/4 '' stainless steel shaft with the inner blade with an M6 nut that is housed in the corresponding cavity. Then insert the assembly below into the case assembly, so that the outer blade is concentric with the inner blade. Put the crank on the acrylic lid, and To fix add the upper nut.

Verify that the mill allows you to vary the size of the grain with the movement of the upper nut.

Step 5: Enjoy a Freshly Ground Coffee With Your Custom Grinder Machine.

Just breathe and feel the taste

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