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Introduction: Dancing Waterfall

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Decorate your living room with this beautiful dancing waterfall.

Materials Needed:

  • PVC Pipe 1/2 inch
  • PVC endcap 1/2 inch *2
  • PVC T-joints 1/2 inch *2
  • Plastic L-joint
  • Transparent Plastic Pipe
  • Water Pump 3W
  • 12V Mode Changer
  • 12V Adapter
  • Blue Waterproof LED Strip
  • Plug
  • Cutter
  • Drill
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Hot Glue
  • Plastic Plants
  • Stones

Step 1: Setup of PVC Pipe

  • Start with 2 pcs 2ft PVC pipe and 1 pc of 1.5ft and cover both ends with an endcap.

  • Attach 2 T-joint with 2 pcs of 2 ft PC pipe, and cut 2 small pcs of PVC and slit it from the middle as shown.

  • Attach the pcs on 1.5ft pipe following the endcaps on both ends

Step 2: Setup of the Water Chamber

  • Make small holes 2cm apart on the 1.5ft pipe
  • Make a hole on end cap and fit the plastic L-Joint on it following by silicone sealant. (Refer Images)

You can watch the full video on YouTube :

Step 3: Assembling the PVCs

  • Make a hole in 2ft PVC pipe to pass a tube through it, and attach 2ft pipe on the tray with hot glue. (refer Images.)

  • Attach 1.5ft pipe on the 2ft pipe (refer images) and attach L-joint with pipe and sealed it with silicone sealant.

Step 4: Connection for the Water

  • Connect pump with the tube following by a 12v mode changer with the pump.

  • Power with 12v adapter and decorate it with stone and artificial plants.

Step 5: Final Touchup With Lights and It's Done.

Attach waterproof LED (refer video)

Now enjoy the beautiful led dancing waterfall in your living room, you can change the mode using mode changer. Check out the full making video on YouTube.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 4

    Can you give me a bigger founten material calculation.. as for 2.5 fit h


    Reply 2 years ago

    Sorry it took me so long, I wasn't visiting Instructables lately.
    This model can be made at 2.5ft height, as the pump is strong enough to reach 3ft. Always use pumps which has a controller to adjust the water flow in such projects. Don't make too many holes if you want to make a wider model & start with 2mm drill bits. Increase the bits size & adjust the holes to a sweet spot.