Introduction: DIY Decorate an Average Lamp

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Jewelry is not only for people, you can also use them in your home decoration to make them have more personality! Today we'll dress a lamp up with some shiny beads and embellish it.

Step 1: Materials

Old lamp

Metal cleaner


Jewelry wire

Jewelry cutting pliers

Beads (different kind and size)


Adhesive craft pearls

Step 2: Clean the Lamp

Put some of the metal cleaner in your lamp and use the cloth to clean it in circular motions. When it's ready you can remove it with the damp cloth until there's nothing left.

Step 3: Beads

Cut 3 strands of wire and twist them to have them all together. Make a loop in the beginning where you twisted the wires. Put beads in two of the wires and after one inch or so twist the two wires together. Put more beads in each of the three wires and after one inch twist them. And so on until you reach the length you want your beaded string to have. Mine is 20" long.

To finish you just need to twist the wires together.

Step 4: Dress Your Lamp

Now your lamp is ready for some jewelry. Put your beaded string and hold the ends together by passing the wire to the first loop we made. Make sure it's well secured. If necessary use more wire.

Glue the adhesive pearls in other points of your lamp like in the top and bottom.

You have a happy lamp now!

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