Introduction: DIY (Design Thinking) WhiteBoard

A small whiteboard is always handy for brainstorming and taking quick notes. But they are seldom available in the market and cost a bomb for students. Nothing to worry, through this instructable you would be learning how to create quick low cost DIY white of almost any size.

Additionally, we have chosen a template of 'Design Thinking' which really come handy while you are solving any problem statement as it has 5 principles of design thinking explicitly mentioned.


  • Cardboard
  • White Paper
  • Plastic cover (A4)
  • Marker
  • Duster

Step 1: Take a Printout on White Paper

Take a printout of any theme on a A4 size sheet. Here, we are using Design Thinking Template.

You can also use plain A4 sheet directly.

Step 2: Pasting Cardboard and White Paper

Paste the white paper on the cardboard.

The cardboard provides a hard-base for writing on it.

Now, put the cardboard into the seal-able plastic bag.

Remove sticker from the plastic bag and stick it appropriately.

Step 3: Write and Erase Anything

Write anything on the white board you have with the white board marker.

Furthermore, easily erase it with the duster.

Here you have an low-cost erasable white board.

Explore more designs by giving it multiple-colour backgrounds, different templates etc.

Hope you use it everyday !!

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