Introduction: Glowing Mason Jar

How about decorating your homes with LED & Mason jar?

It's an extremely cost effective DIY home decor technique to make your home stylish. Amazing water beads start out as just tiny hard pellets, just add water and they will expand into beautiful glimmering gel beads. You can get them online or much cheaper at your art shop. Put them in the mason jar and integrate electronics as mentioned in this instructable.

Materials Required :

  • Mason Jar
  • Toggle Switch
  • Coin cell holder
  • Water balls
  • LED
  • Coin cell battery
  • Tape

Step 1: Attach LED With Jar Cap

Connect LED with a switch to the battery holder.

Positive terminal (Bigger lead of LED) is connected to positive of the battery and other lead of LED to negative terminal of battery.

Put the coin cell battery in the coin cell battery holder and check the on/off LED will Glow.

Make a hole in a cap of the mason jar and pass the switch into it.

Hold the entire assembly in place with tape.

Step 2: Add Water Gel Beads

Now, add fill the jar with water gel beads. Sprinkle some shiny stars or glitter as well.

Turn the switch ON and voila !!!

The LED light refracts through the water balls and create an amazing effect.

Use it to decorate your home.

Hope you liked it.

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