Introduction: Origami Christmas Tree (Paper Circuit)

Paper circuit help us embed electronics everywhere. While you must have seen paper circuit greeting cards, there is also a way to embed your electronics into origami creations and light them up.

Sounds interesting. Let's get started.

Here we are making a Xmas tree with origami paper with paper circuits embedded on to it.

Skill : Beginner


  • Origami paper
  • Scissor
  • LED
  • Coin cell battery

Step 1: Create Folded Line

Take Square shape origami paper, create folded lines on it.

By joining the edges of two side of the paper you can create a folded lines as shown in figure, it will make easy to move paper.

Step 2: Creating Diamond Shapes

Now create a diamond shape by using the folded lines.

Then you have joined the bottom point of diamond shape to upper point and make it a triangular shape.

Do this for all the sides.

Step 3: Making Triangular Structure

As shown in above figure take the open ended triangular point and put it back inside it.

Repeat this steps to make total 3 of these. This will become the green upper part of the Christmas tree.

You can refer to video here to complete origami structure.

Step 4: Making the Bottom of the Tree

Repeat the first two steps to create the folded lines and diamond shape using a different coloured origami paper to make the base of the tree.

The green origami triangles will rest over this base.

Step 5: Adding Electronics/Paper Circuits

Now use the base of your tree to add LED's. We will be using aluminium tape along the sides of the base.

LED would be connected on the top and battery would be at the base.

LED has bigger lead which is positive and is connected to positive of the battery using aluminium tape. The other shorter lead is connected to the negative of the battery using aluminium tape.

As you connect the battery, the origami lights up.

You can use similar technique to add multiple LED's in your other origami creations as well.

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