Introduction: D.I.Y Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are cute, but really expensive. Here's how to make your own while keeping the cost down.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is...

-seam ripper

Step 2: Cutting the Jeans

Pick the area that you want to look distressed, and cut two or three horizontal lines across the fabric (or more for a larger distressed area)

Step 3: Pull Apart the White Threads

When you cut the jeans, you may notice some white strings hanging out. With your seam ripper, you'll want to pull apart the white threads from the rest of the fabric WITHOUT ripping them. We want them to stay whole in order to have the look we want.

Step 4: Pluck the Dark Threads

After you move away a lot of the white threads, you'll notice the vertical dark threads begin to fray. Since we don't want those, you just take your tweezers, and pluck them all until they're gone.

Step 5: Finished Jeans

Once all of the dark threads are gone, you should have a nice distressed area. But you may notice it still looks really blocky and not realistic. All you should have to do is toss it in the washing machine once or twice, and it should turn out with the dustressed look you want. If that doesnt work how you like it, just take some steel wool or sandpaper to the edges. This is very simple, very realistic, and an easy way to save money and still look good! ;) (sorry i don't have a pic of a finished pair. :/ )