Introduction: DIY Dog Leash and Treat Holder

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Steph has adopted Mac, the greyhound, about seven months ago. In that period of time, she has acquired a lot of dog gear necessitating a need for additional storage. She came up with an idea of twin wall mounted storage spaces for both she and Mac!


A complete list of materials and tools that we used can be found here.

Step 1: Watch the Video

You can see the step by step tutorial by watching the video.

Step 2: Cut and Stain Boards

We are using a 1"x12" board as well as 1"x4" boards

We are making two identical units. The 1"x12" board is cut into 2 boards that are each 18" long. From the 1"x4" boards we cut (4) 18" long shelves and (6) 27/8" pieces.

The boards are sanded and a coat of pre-stain is applied followed by stain. This is weathered gray by Varathane.

Step 3: Stencil

We are stenciling both units to customize them for human and dog. Practice first to work on technique as well as to determine the placement of the lettering and graphic before committing to painting on wood.

Step 4: Assemble

We are assembling our units with hot glue. Surebonder has a specialty hot wood glue stick which we are using. Because hot glue sets up so quickly, it's best to work as a team. We added a few brad nails to be sure everything stayed in place.

Glass jars will be used to hold treats. We placed three side by side and then added one of the 2 7/8" pieces to section off part of the top.

Step 5: Add Wall Control and Hang

Prior to hanging, we added a strip of Wall Control 16" galvanized metal pegboard. The units are hung on French cleats on the wall. A laser level helps us to keep everything nice and level.

Step 6: Fill With Treats and Get Organized

With the two storage units up and in place, Steph now has all her human and dog necessities all organized and ready. Mac is very persistent in 'nosing' out treats so Steph is happy to have both Mac's and her (not dog-friendly) treats up and out of the way.

Using the Wall Control panel with movable hooks means she has flexibility in what she stores in the drop zone. As the weather changes, so will what is stored here. Steph especially likes the Wall Control peg on the far right side of Mac's side. It allows Mac's collar and leash to easily side on and off.

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