Introduction: DIY Dollar Tree Tumbling Block Tree

I came across this awesome easy idea on Pinterest when I was looking for some DIY Christmas decorations!

It caught my attention with DOLLAR TREE and TWO DOLLARS! I love going to that store for all my crafty needs so I thought I would give it a try.

If you would like to watch the video from the creator of this project I attached it for reference!

Here is my list of supplies and steps as I went through the process.....


Supplies to make your DIY Tree!

  • 2 Tumbling Tower Game from the dollar tree
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Foam Paint Brushes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Optional Wooden Star from Michaels

Step 1: Gluing the Tree Together

Take your dollar tree tumbling blocks out of package.

With your hot glue gun ready to go we are going to start constructing our tree!!

  • We will be working in rows of odd numbers, the first row will consist of 1 block, second row 3 blocks, third row 5 blocks, and so on...
  • Lets start by gluing together our second row, we will be gluing 3 blocks together laying side by side.
  • With the second row constructed we will glue the first row (1 block) to the middle of our second row.
  • Place the hot glue to the bottom of block 1 and place this on the middle block in row 2.
  • Now you have 2 rows.
  • Continue making your rows working with odd numbers and gluing the newly constructed row to the row above it.
  • Work until you receive the desired height of your tree!

Step 2: Tree Trunk

Now we will add a trunk to our tree!

  • Take 2 blocks and glue them side by side like we did for our rows.
  • This will be our tree trunk.
  • Add hot glue to the top of the 2 blocks and place them in the middle of the last row.

Step 3: Making the Base

Now we make our base that will support our tree!

  • You will need 8 blocks to construct the base.
  • Take your first 4 blocks and glue them side by side, this creates the bottom of the base.
  • Now take 3 blocks and glue them back to back.
  • The three blocks you glued back to back you will glue to the bottom of the base you created with the first 4 blocks.
  • Secure the remaining block on the opposite side of the block you just secured, leaving a gap just big enough so your tree trunk fits. (Before I completely secured the block I sat my tree into the gap to make sure it wasn't to off balance)

Step 4: Let's Paint

We have successfully constructed our rustic tree, so lets give it a little color!

I decided to make three trees at three different heights, so I choose three colors to paint each of the trees.

The acrylic paint colors I choose to use: Green, Red, Gray, I also will be using white to paint the tree trunk and the base the tree sits in, as well as using the White to whitewash after they're dry to give it more of a rustic look.

  • With the white acrylic paint I painted the tree trunk and the base of the tree. I did a few coats of the white to make sure it was really covered!
  • TIP: do not rinse out the white foam brush just yet, keep it to dry bush on the white paint later :)
  • Now cover the rest of your tree with the your color of choice. I made sure I covered it really well and did a few coats!
  • Let the paint dry a bit before you do the dry brushing.
  • To dry brush with the White paint, take your foam brush you used in the white paint and barely dip it in the excess white paint.
  • Now lightly brush in an up and down motion with the foam brush to create a random pattern of the white marks.
  • Feel free to darken up some of the white marks, adds character!

I also wanted to add a little wooden star to the top of the tree. I bought a bag of assorted sized wooden stars at Michaels Craft store. I choose to paint it White and hot glued it to the top of the tree. I think this completes the look!

Step 5: Time to Decorate!

Once your trees are all dried and stood up in the bases, its time to decorate!!!

I choose to put my three trees together on my mantle:)

I am extremely happy with how these turned out and how few items and time it took me to create such an awesome decor piece.

Step 6: Sources and Video Reference

***I did not come up with this idea, so I will not take credit for it. I do love how easy it was to make and how such a simple idea can become a wonderful decor piece. You can add so much more to these trees and make it your own!

Sources: Michelle's Party Plan-It

Dollar Tree