Introduction: DIY Dress Out of Curtains (Easy Sewing!)

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If you know me then you know that curtains are fair game for sewing projects at any given moment. Here's how I transformed a thrift store grad gown and some sheer curtains into a gorgeous goddess dress (two-piece) with easy sewing!

Full video tutorial:


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Step 1: Cut Bands

For the skirt waistband and the bottom band for the top, I cut two 4 to 5-inch strips from the graduation gown, folded the edges inward and ironed them down to smooth the fabric out.

Step 2: Create the Skirt

I placed the edge of the sheer curtain along the waistband and created small folds every 1 inch, then pinned them in place and sewed along the pleats. Then I sewed the sheer fabric onto the waistband.

I did not sew the ends of the waistband together so the skirt would have an opening or slit. I originally wanted to leave the front open but later decided to go with a side slit to show one leg.

I added a hook and eye fastener to each end of the skirt's waistband at the top of the slit to make it easy to put on and take off.

Step 3: Create the Top

I cut another piece of the sheer curtain to create a one-shoulder top. I wrapped the fabric around the bust to create the draped, one-shoulder crop top look. Then I added another strip of the graduation gown across the top for more contrast and sewed all pieces into place.

For the back, I sewed channels into the edges on both sides of the band and then ran a strip that I cut from the grad gown through the channels for a tie-back look.

Step 4: Steam

Once everything was sewn, I steamed the fabric for a neat and finished look.

Step 5: All Done!

I'm so proud of this budget-friendly set that's giving full goddess glam vibes! Thanks for checking out this project and be sure to connect with me on IG for more fashion transformations.





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