Introduction: DIY Drip Coffee Brewer

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

16.5 inches of 1/2 inch pvc

2 t's

3 elbows

2 caps

PVC cement

pipe cutter or hacksaw


black marker


4 inch diameter funnel with strainer



fine grit sandpaper


4 cup coffee filters

hot water

Step 2: Getting Ready

You will need to cut three 4 inch sections and three 1.5 inch sections of pvc pipe to include with your fittings.

Step 3: Follow Order

Cement elbows and caps onto 4 inch sections. Sorry I missed it in the picture, you will also need to cement the 1.5 inch sections onto each of the other ends of the elbows. These are the legs

Step 4: Follow Order

Cement elbow onto 1.5 inch section, then t onto other side of section, ensuring that 90 degree markings on elbow and t line up or join on a flat surface. This is your spout.

Step 5: Follow Order

Cement 4 inch section onto elbow of spout

Step 6: Follow Order

Join legs and spout to remaining t, then measure for level front to back and side to side.

Step 7: Follow Order

Once joined and leveled, use a black marker to mark the final cementing to the final t.

Step 8: Follow Order

Using your markings, cement t to spout

Step 9: Follow Order

Using your markings cement first leg on

Step 10: Follow Order

Using the floor or something flat and level. Use your markings for a gross alignment and quickly fine align making sure both of the elbows and caps are solid to the floor before the cement hardens. Remember pvc cement hardens almost instantly.

Step 11: Ready to Brew?

Anyone up for coffee?

Step 12: Your Choice

I like leaving the strainer in my funnel. It adds support for the coffee filter. The funnel and strainer combo was $2.99 on E*** with free shipping for me.

Step 13: Wet the Filter

I like to wet the filter before putting in the coffee. It adheres to the side of the funnel better this way

Step 14: Add Coffee and Hot Water

You will find that you tend to use more coffee for the desired strength of a normal brewer, but remember, you are having fun and impressing your friends, so what the heck. The hot water has to be as hot as possible, definitely a rolling boil.

Step 15: And There You Go

A little practice and you will make the perfect cup each time. Impress your friends and family. Of course you can sand, prime, and paint, or just leave it as the industrial look. Hope you enjoy this instructable.