Introduction: DIY Duct Tape Shopping Bag

With stores constantly charging for grocery bags we thought it would be helpful to make a reusable shopping bag. We are going to instruct you on how to create a reusable shopping bag made from duct tape and also recycled chip and cereal bags.This bag is going to be sturdy as well as easy to clean!!! Hope you enjoy!

Step 1:


1. Duct tape of your choice ( we used 2 different designs)

2. Recycled chip bags (2)

3. Recycled cereal bags (2)

4. Recycled cracker bag (foil type)

5. Stapler

6. Staples

7. Recycled cardboard (cereal box or whatever you have)

8. Scissors

Step 2:

So first you need to decide which bags your going to use for the sides, and the front and back of your bag. we decided to use our 2 chip bags for the sides and the 2 cereal bags for the front and back. once you have them side by side start stapling the edges of them to one another. (see picture)

Step 3:

Then we had to cut open our cracker bag as it was not big enough for the bottom. We also wanted to make sure the bottom was sturdy enough. That's where the duct tape comes in. We completely covered the cracker bag with duct tape. Now we stapled the bottom to the sides.

Step 4:

Next we covered all the edges with duct tape to ensure the staples were covered and to strengthen our bag. We also taped the bottom edges.

Step 5:

We were afraid the chip bags may tear if we placed an item with sharp corners (eg: coffee whitener bags) into our bag so my daughter thought of placing a piece of cardboard inside the chip bag. we also wanted to ensure the bottom of our bag was strong and it could withhold the weight of groceries. we decided to cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom of the bag and covered it in duct tape. This acts as a removable and washable bottom support. Now we taped the top edges of the cereal and chip bags closed.

Step 6:

Convenience is key so we decided our bag should have an inside pocket to hold your grocery list, pen, cellphone, tablet or keys. Cut a piece of cardboard the size you would like the pocket to be. Cover it in duct tape. Tape the pocket on the inside of your bag.

Step 7:

Now it's time to make handles for our bag. we took a different designed duct tape and cut it to the desired length. After you have your peice of tape for the handle fold it in half lengthwise. repeat for second handle. then staple each end to your bag to create your handles. Then cover the staples with more duct tape so you don't get a boo boo.

Step 8:

Now your bag is completed and your ready to go shopping!!! We hope you enjoyed this instructable. plz vote!!

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