Introduction: DIY Earrings | Frozen Inspired + GIVEAWAY! How to Make Earrings


Hello my lovely friends! :)

Would you like to know how to make earrings? Simple, yet beautiful and sooooo sparkly? These DIY Earrings are just that! I have been inspired by Frozen the movie (as I love this movie a lot and try to sing Frozen songs whenever I'm alone in the house :))

But before we start making these Frozen inspired DIY Earrings, Let's celebrate! The YouTube Daydreamer family has reached over 100 members!!! And as a lot of you guys here on Instructables actually support me on YouTube as well, I wanted to say thank you all so much for your support! As a way of saying thank you, I have decided to do an International giveaway! :) For this purpose I made another pair of these gorgeous earrings - I will keep the ones in the tutorial and instead I will be giving away a pair made out of sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and opalite beads. Because I love you so much! ;) And because it's Christmas!...Ehm, was Christmas! :))))

Absolutely anyone can enter: Girls, boys, ladies, gentlemen, pets, plants...shall I go on? :) As long as you can sign into YouTube and comment on videos, you are considered eligible! :)


1) Subscribe to my YouTube channel

2) Go to YouTube and leave a comment below this GIVEAWAY video: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR?

3) Only one comment per person please! ;)

-This giveaway is open from 29th December 2016 until 29th January 2017.

-The winner will be announced 30st January 2017 on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, so if you'd like to keep up with my posts, you can follow me on these social media sites.:)

-I will also send a direct message to the winner through YouTube and reply to her/his comment publicly.

Ok that's the giveaway explained I hope it makes sense :))

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Good luck to you all! I can't wait to see who wins these earrings! :)

Step 1: Watch This 'GIVEAWAY' Video Tutorial for More Details :)

You can watch this video for more details o the giveaway and how to make these earrings or just read the below instructions ;)

Step 2: Materials Needed

Here is the list of materials I used in this tutorial:

20 gauge(8mm) wire(silver plated copper) - The pair I am giving away is made entirely from sterling silver wire (Intro page) :)

Opalite beads (10mm)

Swarovski crystal AB Bicone beads(4mm)

Swarovski crystal AB Xilion pendant beads (12mm)

Round nose, flat nose and chain nose pliers

wire cutters

a file

paint brush handle

Step 3: Middle Section

Ok, let's create the middle bit of these earrings.

Cut about 8mm (0.3 inch) of your wire and using your round nose pliers, create a loop on the bottom. Then get one opalite bead, following by two bicone beads and slide them onto the wire.

Using your round nose pliers, bend the wire on the top of the last bead sideways, then move it slightly towards the centre of the pliers and bend the other way to create another loop. Cut and curl it into the loop. Use flat or chain nose pliers to press the loop to secure it.

Repeat for the other earring.

Step 4: Jump Rings

Get another piece of wire and create some jump rings by wrapping it around your round nose pliers(or anything round really) several times and then cut it into individual rings. You will only need two rings, so don't go too wild! 3-4 times is enough:)

Using flat and chain nose pliers, open one of the jump rings sideways and insert the Xilion bead (which is btw so sparkly it makes my head spin! :) You all know I have a thing for anything sparkly and glittery! :)) Leave it open and connect this to the middle part of the earring and then close the same way as you opened the jump ring.

Step 5: Final Step - Earring Hooks

This is how I make all my earring hooks and it's the best as you get both hooks the same size and shape!

Get two pieces of wire about 8mm (0.3inch) and hold them firmly together. Create a loop on the top and leave it open a little bit. Leave your round nose pliers in the loop-holding it firmly and wrap it half way around a brush handle (or again anything round of a similar diameter) and you just created two hooks! It's like 'buy one get one free' deal! :))) File the rough edges with a file/ sand paper and then attach them two your earrings.

Wear them with pride, because who can make their own earrings? Ehm, well.. YOU!!!! :))

* TIP: Wear them especially in the Sun and show everyone how sparkly they are! Blind them with the gorgeousness! Show them who's The Boss! :)))

And don't forget, if you love these earrings, but are too lazy to make them, just simply enter my GIVEAWAY and who knows, you might be the winner! ;)) (All details are on the Intro page of this Instructable)

See y'all!!! ;)

Step 6: Watch This GIVEAWAY Video Tutorial for More Details :)


For those of you guys who skipped the Intro page :) I am doing an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY of these stunning earrings! If you are interested, go ahead and check out the Intro page, or watch this video for more details.

If you have enjoyed this ' Frozen inspired DIY ' tutorial then please give it a like ;)

And please send me a picture of your creations if you decide to make these Frozen inspired DIY earrings. Or anything Frozen the movie inspired, I'd love to see it! Oh and let me know if you would like me to do more videos on how to make earrings.

See you next week with a new Instructable! :)

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